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Anchorage will run out of coronavirus testing swabs by Sunday without a provider donating them

Anchorage will run out of swabs for coronavirus tests unless someone donates them, the Anchorage Office of Emergency Management said in a bulletin Friday.

Alaska public schools closed to students until March 30, governor says

K-12 public schools in Alaska will be closed to children until March 30.

Anchorage Fire Department responded to coronavirus patient; Three staffers are now self-monitoring at home

Meanwhile, the City of Fairbanks announced Friday that one of its fire department employees is being tested for COVID-19.

Coronavirus forces closure of Anchorage libraries, other civic buildings

Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has ordered the closure of all municipal libraries and civic, cultural and recreational facilities until March 31 "in order to protect and preserve public health and safety," the city said in a release on Friday.

Alaska’s first known coronavirus patient arrived on a cargo flight and went to an ER in Anchorage, state officials say

Alaska's chief medical officer called it an isolated case that health officials believe they can contain.

Maybe you need to look at some photos of Iditarod dogs taking naps in Takotna?

A snowy patch of land in Takotna quickly turned into a sled dog hotel on Wednesday, with napping dogs curled up on straw and under blankets throughout the afternoon.

Anchorage School District tells parents to prepare for the possibility of an extended spring break

The Anchorage School District sent an email to parents late Wednesday, saying it would inform them by Friday if "a cancellation is called either at an individual site or districtwide."

Our 16 favorite photos of frosty Iditarod mushers and fuzzy muzzles

With temperatures plunging deep into the negatives on Tuesday, mushers and dogs sported a coating of frost when they pulled into Nikolai, a small village about a quarter of the way into the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Our favorite 20 photos from the Iditarod ceremonial start in Anchorage

Dozens of mushers and hundreds of sled dogs paraded through Anchorage on Saturday.

A Washington state resident has died of coronavirus, NPR reports

NPR is reporting that a person in Washington state infected with coronavirus has died. This is according to the Seattle and King County Department of Health.

Are you a BP Alaska employee who didn’t take a job with Hilcorp? Let us know where you landed.

Reach our reporter Tegan Hanlon at thanlon@alaskapublic.org or 907-550-8447.

LIVE: The final day of Trump’s impeachment trial

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwoAUNJgLlU Coverage continues for the Republican-led Senate trial of President Donald Trump, who last year became the third president in history to be impeached by the House...
Close up shot of the exterior of the Archdiocese of Anchorage building

Our reporter is trying to learn more about the Anchorage priests named in a sexual misconduct review. Can you help?

The archdiocese released the men's names last week after a months-long review of church records.

These were our biggest and most popular stories of 2019

Wildfires, plane crashes, an incredible fraud scheme, the sale of a major oil company and a mysterious disappearance in Southeast Alaska are just some of the stories that found the largest audiences online in 2019.

Catching up? Here are some Alaska stories you might have missed over the holiday

First day back in the office after a busy holiday week? We got you covered. Here are our 10 most read stories from last week to get you caught up.

Anxiety Disorders | Line One: Your Health Connection

https://youtu.be/JidMZhYOoLg Anxiety is a normal human emotion that functions as an alarm system, warning us of a perceived danger. While anxiety is necessary...

Richard Nelson, Sitka-based writer and “Encounters” radio host, has died

Richard Nelson has an encounter with a gray jay while producing an episode of his radio program in the Yukon Territory. Already a renowned anthropologist and author (he was the Alaska...

Alaska News Nightly: Friday, Oct. 25, 2019

Fire-fighting foam containing PFAS works well for putting out burning airplanes, but is worth the risk of contaminating drinking water? Also: Raising the next generation of Lingít speakers in a language immersion program for kids.

PenAir Plane crashes in Unalaska; one person is dead, others critically injured

One passenger has died and another has been medevaced to Anchorage for further treatment after a PenAir airplane arriving from Anchorage went off the runway at Unalaska's airport on Thursday evening.

Sarah Palin’s husband appears to have filed for divorce. Here are the documents

Court documents, which provide only initials, were filed Friday