Alex Duerre, APRN - Anchorage


300 Villages: Kodiak

Now it's time for 300 villages. This week, we're heading to Kodiak - the community of about 6,000 people on Kodiak Island. That was Jenny Osterman and Eric Olsen, who live in Kodiak. Listen for Full Story

300 Villages: Kake

This week, we’re heading to Kake, a community of about 700 people on Kupreanof Island near Petersburg. Ruth Demmert lives in Kake Alaska. Download Audio

300 Villages: Dillingham

This week were heading to the hub community of Dillingham in Bristol Bay. Wanda Fulton and Stephanie McCumber live in Dillingham Alaska. Download Audio

300 Villages: Coffman Cove

This week we're heading to the Prince of Wales community of Coffman Cove. Misty Fitzpatrick is the city administrator for Coffman Cove. Download Audio

300 Villages: King Cove

This week, we're heading to the Alaska Peninsula community of King Cove. Della Trumble is the finance manager for King Cove Corporation. Download Audio

Like Father, Son Competes In The Knuckle-Hop

Imagine yourself in a regular push-up position, but you are using your knuckles instead of your palms. Without your stomach touching the ground, hop on the tips of your toes and bare knuckles in a straight line and continue to hop until you cannot bear the pain. You have just performed the knuckle-hop. Download Audio

300 Villages: King Island

This week we're heading to the uninhabited village of King Island, west of Nome in the Bering Sea. King Island residents were forced to relocate to Nome in 1959, but this month a group of former residents and their descendants are returning to the island. Vince Pikongana grew up in King Island. Download Audio

Life Lessons From An Anchorage Karate Teacher

Sensei Tanaka has been teaching Karate in Anchorage for forty-five years. He came to the state when Alaska Pacific University (formerly Alaska Methodist University) asked him to teach Karate for a year. He ended up deciding to stay. In this video profile, Tanaka talks about how students improve their character through good manners, respect and self discipline. This is no ordinary Dojo.

300 Villages: Napakiak

This week we're heading to the village of Napakiak, near Bethel. Samuel Roberson is from Napakiak. download audio 

300 Villages: Gulkana

This week, we're heading to Gulkana on the Richardson Highway north of Glennallen. Angela Vermillion is tribal administrator for the Gulkana Village Council. Download Audio

300 Villages: Newtok

Now it's time for 300 villages. This week we're going to the village of Newtok, on the Ninglick River, which drains into the Bering Sea. The community is being relocated because of coastal erosion due to climate change.

Kenny Petrini Representing Alaska In National Geographic Bee Finals

On May 20-22, 54 students across the US will assemble and compete in the 25th Annual National Geographic Bee in Washington D.C. Each year thousands students across the nation compete to win an opportunity to represent their state in the national championship. APRN intern Alex Duerre interviewed Alaska's State Champion and has this report. Download Audio

Ted Steven’s Airport Manager Excited About Future Of Air Cargo

Nearly a billion pounds of cargo landed at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in 2012. That's the equivalent to about 500 thousand Volkswagen beetles. And the guy who manages it all? download audio

Atwood Foundation Donates Art To Anchorage Museum

The Atwood Foundation is in the process of donating two original Eustace Ziegler Alaskan paintings and two original Sydney Laurence paintings to the Anchorage Museum. The foundation will also contribute an original Nunivak mask. download audio