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State of Art: Children’s musical ‘The Claw’ grabs hearts and minds of any age

The show tells the story of toys stuck in a out of order claw machine and what happens when it's turned on. We're joined by "The Claw" director Justin Stewart and music director Annika Merkel to find out about the musical, working with youth and the play's theme of facing the unknown.

Hometown Alaska: How can we push back against youth homelessness?

On this episode of Hometown, Alaska, Zoryna Lealai, a youth advocate for the Anchorage Youth Task Force, and Julia Terry, co-director of the organization Choosing Our Roots, will be joining the discussion on exposing and combating youth homelessness, while providing a very personal perspective on the issue. What organizations are out there shedding light on, and actively engaging in, the fighting against youth homelessness? 

Addressing Alaskans: With elections looming, how do we navigate our new voting system?

With a special primary for US representative on June 11 and upcoming elections this fall, representatives from Alaska Division of Elections and Alaskans for Better Elections explain how the voting process works and answer audience questions.

State of Art: New Anchorage pottery studio debuts on First Friday

The studio occupies the former Fire Island Bakery Location on G Street in downtown Anchorage and promises memberships, one-off classes and more.

Addressing Alaskans: Celebrate Elizabeth Peratrovich Day with Molly of Denali

Today’s episode features a panel discussion celebrating Elizabeth Peratrovitch Day.  GBH Kids, producer of Molly of Denali, the Rasmuson Foundation and Alaska Public Media partnered together to host an event to honor the important figure...

State of Art: Anchorage Opera returns after a two-year hiatus with ‘Tosca’

The opera is considered one of Puccini’s masterpieces and has all the passion, intrigue and death you’d want from a dramatic performance. 

State of Art: Anchorage Festival of Music celebrates the diverse work of Dave Brubeck

The Dave Brubeck Centennial Celebration Concert takes place on Wednesday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m. in the Discovery Theater.

State of Art: Fringe Festival is a return to form for Out North

The multi-week fest consists of performances, workshops, and film. We're joined by three guests who tell us about coming back to the stage after a long hiatus, how the fest has been going and what else we can expect.

Hometown Alaska: Sobriety Awareness Month

cleaning. To a lot of people in Alaska, though, April is also Sobriety Awareness Month. Alaska’s history with alcoholism and recovery runs deep, and three local recovery heroes join host Justin Williams to share their encouraging experiences.

Chapter 4: Statehood and the Cold War

This page features the entire reading of Chapter 4: Statehood and the Cold War, performed by Cal Williams.
a nurse administers a vaccine to a patient

Line One: Depolarizing vaccine conversations

Across our community, Alaskans are trying to navigate the new realities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Conversations about masking, vaccines, and whether to return to work and school can trigger strong feelings and in some cases have resulted in strained friendships and divided families. These conversations mimic the political divide and frequently devolve into defensiveness, contempt, criticism, and hurt feelings. These high conflict conversations do nothing to improve public health and are tearing at the foundations of our community and the sense of unity we take pride in as Alaskans.

Hometown Alaska: The Fairview Rec Center has more to offer than you might think

many years. The team behind the center bring a shining light into Fairview, and the recent inclusion of a new indoor playground is sure to leave an even brighter legacy for its residents. This episode discusses the impact, history, and legacy of the Center.

State of Art: Anchorage Community Theater sings its way through “Ordinary Days”

This week on State of Art we're hearing from "Ordinary Days" director Warren Weinstein. He's been involved with ACT since the early 90s, but this will be his directorial debut for the company. He tells us about his deep ties to ACT, why a sung-through musical is nothing to be afraid of and what's on his mind as he gets ready to debut.

Addressing Alaskans: Hear the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s 2022 economic forecast

onomic Development Corporation's 2022 economic forecast luncheon. AEDC president and CEO Bill Popp gives an update on how the Anchorage economy has changed since last year and presents the results of employment, housing and business reports.

State of Art: Kikkan Randall and others share their #alaskaseafoodhacks

On this episode of State of Art we hear from five-time Olympian Kikkan Randall and Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute communications director Ashley Heimbigner about their seafood hacks, underrated seafood options, and more.

One Small Step: Caroline Valentine and Peter Wertz on political beliefs and speaking with a stranger

p next in our series of One Small Step conversations in Alaska Caroline Valentine (76) and Peter Wertz (35) of Anchorage discuss their political beliefs and why they decided to take a chance on speaking with a stranger.

One Small Step: Stephanie Hamar and Gregory Stewart on politics and expressing ideas

Up next in our series of One Small Step conversations in Alaska, Stephanie Hamar (33) of Kasaan and Gregory Stewart (26) of Anchorage discuss their political values and the ways others express ideas. 
The book cover of “Black History in the Last Frontier” by Ian Hartman.

Hometown Alaska: Black history and education in Alaska

diversity in Alaska, and raise the standard for how we observe and celebrate black culture?
The Seawolf logo outside of the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Union.

Hometown Alaska: The UAA Women’s basketball program succeeds through mayhem and more

The UAA Women’s basketball program is elite. Conference champs, sweet 16 appearances, perennial national championship contender, and of course - mayhem! What makes them so successful? How much attention are they getting locally, and nationally? Should they be getting more attention given their success? And what does the future hold for UAA basketball?