Anchorage School Business Partnership


Anchorage School Business Partnership started in 1991 and has since grown to over 540 partnerships with an economic value of over $2.5 million. They range from a one person business to large organizations such as BP and FedEx. The organization is supported by both the Anchorage School District and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

Institute of the North partnership strengthens Alaska Studies program

Through a partnership with the Institute of the North, Nils Andreassen, Karlin Itchoak and Sophie Wiepking Brown worked with Pamela Orme, ASD Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator, to bring about a unique course for Alaska Studies teachers. This course entitled We the People of Alaska was offered at a low cost since the instruction was provided for free by guest speakers coordinated by the Institute. Read more.

Rotary Clubs in Anchorage Make a Big Impact in the Schools

Eight years ago, the Anchorage International Rotary Club established a reading program at North Star Elementary School. Rotarians were assigned to a class room and asked to go to the school for half-hour each week to read to the children at a mutually convenient time. They wanted to spark an interest in books while providing a service to the students. One Rotarian, Lloyd Lindsey kept finding excuses not to participate asking why children would want an “old bald-headed guy” to read stories to them. Read more.

Federal, State and City Agencies in a Unique School-Business Partnership

For the past two years, Mears students have been able to actively contribute to the community thanks to its partnerships with Alaska Geographic and various public land agencies. Alaska Geographic has coordinated and funded extensive service learning opportunities between Mears students and public land agencies including Chugach National Forest, Chugach State Park, and the MOA Department of Parks and Recreation. Find out more, and watch a video.

Kaladi Brothers and Anchorage Schools: A Winning Partnership

A coffee/drink shop in a school? It is possible, and even a reality in four Anchorage schools thanks to the mentorship provided by Kaladi Brothers Coffee Company. Find out more.