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Dunleavy calls lawmakers to Juneau to continue special session

In a declaration Wednesday, Governor Mike Dunleavy amended his call for the second special session to have it take place in Juneau, rather than his original choice: Wasilla.

Alaska Legislature sues governor over validity of school funding law

The dispute is over a law enacted last year and signed by former Gov. Bill Walker. The law sought to provide school funding for both last school year and the coming year.

Legislature seeks new path to fund vetoed programs

A draft bill discussed Monday would set permanent fund dividends at $929 to have a balanced budget. House Bill 2001 would both reverse Dunleavy’s vetoes to the operating and capital budgets and set the dividend level.

Lawmakers remain far apart, physically and politically, as time runs out for veto override

Dunleavy issued a second round of line-item vetoes, this time on the capital budget. Legislators in Juneau criticized the changes, but didn’t vote on overriding them.

Alaska’s divided Legislature fails to override governor’s line-item budget vetoes

While there won’t be a formal way to override the vetoes after Friday, there may be another path to restoring funding for some line items.

Alaska senators say time running out on funding for scholarships, medical education, Power Cost Equalization

State senators in Juneau raised alarm on Tuesday about the money swept from state budget accounts into a harder-to-access piggy bank: the Constitutional Budget Reserve.

Alaska lawmaker criticizes state loan to former Dunleavy administration official

A former deputy commissioner in Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration has been approved for a more-than-$4-million loan from a state agency, drawing criticism from an Anchorage legislator.

‘It won’t be easy’: Universities, Medicaid hit hard as Dunleavy vetoes nearly $400 million from budget

Gov. Mike Dunleavy says the cuts were necessary to balance the budget by next year, while still paying full permanent fund dividends under the formula in state law.

Alaska AG: Dunleavy could have state troopers bring legislators to Wasilla

Alaska’s attorney general and the Legislature’s top lawyer are at odds over whether the governor is allowed to set a special session’s location.

Former Alaska lawmaker disappointed with retroactive per diem payments

Former Alaska state Rep. Jason Grenn sponsored an ethics law last year that affects legislators’ per diems. He called a recent vote on retroactive per diem payments “sad.”

Legislators defy Dunleavy, announce Juneau as special session location

Legislative leaders say the floor sessions would be held at the Capitol in Juneau, while most of the meetings would be in Anchorage at the Legislative Information Office.

Legislators, Dunleavy administration expect school funds to be paid during potential lawsuit

The Legislative Council voted unanimously on June 13 to authorize a lawsuit against the Dunleavy administration over education funding.

Dunleavy to lawmakers: PFD formula must be approved by popular vote

Dunleavy and lawmakers are engaged in a worthy discussion over the future of Alaska Permanent Fund earnings and dividends.

Working group seeks a path forward on PFDs amid heated debate

Working group members say they want the committee’s work to help end the annual legislative fights over permanent fund dividends.

Dunleavy calls for round two in Wasilla after Alaska Legislature adjourns first special session

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has called for a second special session to be hosted in Wasilla next month. The session’s agenda is limited to PFD funding.

Vote to draw from state savings account to pay for capital projects falls short

With large differences remaining over permanent fund dividends, that means the special session will likely end Thursday or Friday with more work left to do.

Capital budget, Power Cost Equalization, college scholarships are caught in PFD debate

If an amendment to the capital budget to pay full permanent fund dividends isn’t successful, the Republican House minority leader expects there won’t be enough votes to draw from the Constitutional Budget Reserve.

Alaska Senate sends budget to governor without PFDs

It’s not clear how deeply Gov. Mike Dunleavy will cut using the line-item veto. Medicaid, the university and school bond debt reimbursement are the areas with the biggest increases over what he proposed.

Alaska House passes compromise budget, leaving action on PFD to Senate

If the Senate passes the budget bill on Monday as expected, it would go to Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s desk later this week. If he signs it, it would avoid a state government shutdown on July 1.

Budget deadlock could delay Medicaid payments to health care providers

Health care advocates said nursing homes and behavioral health providers are among those who may not have large cash reserves to cover costs during a delay.