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Alaska records more than 40 new COVID-19 cases, the highest daily increase yet

It’s the fourth time in the past month that the state has a new daily high.

Lawsuit seeks to block small business relief, alleging it doesn’t follow approved plan

The lawsuit alleges that changes that Governor Dunleavy made to a relief plan approved by the legislature are unconstitional.

State will mail absentee ballot applications to seniors. Critics say that makes ballot access unequal.

Some lawmakers and advocates have raised concerns that not sending absentee applications to all voters will make it harder for younger and minority voters to send in their ballots. Those demographics tend to vote Democratic.

Anchorage senator to propose bill to make Juneteenth a state holiday

“The events of the past few months and the moment our nation is currently in has shown an urgent need for history to be more thoroughly understood,” said Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson.

More — but not all — Alaska small businesses to become eligible for grants

Changes loosened the rules, but some businesses still won't qualify for state funding because they received federal funds.

For the first time since 2013, the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend will be less than $1,000

The difference between the $992 and the $1000 that the legislature approved is due to a higher than expected amount being set aside to cover other costs paid for out of the dividend funding.

Thursday update: Alaska has the highest number of active COVID-19 cases since the pandemic started

With 24 new cases reported on Thursday, Alaska has more active cases than it ever has, though hospital and ventilator capacity has also increased.

Dunleavy says he won’t defund police, but thanks protesters for weighing in on injustice

Dunleavy didn’t list specific changes he would advocate, but said he expects ideas to come from conversations between Alaskans.

Alaska Libertarian Party files lawsuit to get on presidential ballot

State law allows parties ballot access if they get 3% of the vote in the most recent statewide general election, but the party contends ballot access should be a constitutional right.

Alaska hospitals fear long-term financial consequences of COVID-19

With health care spending down 60% from May, some hospitals are struggling to survive.

State Supreme Court justices release letter on racial injustice in Alaska

The four justices sitting on the Alaska Supreme Court released a letter on Friday committing themselves to making the court an accessible and impartial forum.

State revises travel mandate, offering testing as alternative to quarantine starting Saturday

The state says that even for travelers who receive a test at the airport, they should take a second test a week to 14 days later.

Dunleavy calls George Floyd’s death “horrific,” thanks Alaskans for peaceful protests

“I’m proud of Alaskans who may not go to the get togethers are still in support of our free speech.”

Alaska to replace 14-day quarantine with testing, preferably in advance but also offered at airports

Gov. Dunleavy is ending Alaska's 14-day quarantine. Instead, visitors and returning Alaskans will be asked to take a test within 72 hours of boarding an Alaska-bound flight.

Dunleavy still pushing for second PFD payment to Alaskans

The Legislature already passed a $1000 dividend to be paid in July. Now Dunleavy wants a second payout, which he said will help Alaskans have the cash they need to keep the economy going.

Forestry plane with four aboard crashes at takeoff in Aniak

The four people on board the plane survived, but reported injuries.

State reports 13 new coronavirus cases

There were 13 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Alaska on Wednesday. That’s the most new cases for one day in six weeks, according to the state Department of Health and Social Services.

As the state reopens, health care and labor leaders express concern about worker safety

Lawmakers met on Wednesday to hear from health care providers and labor leaders about their concerns as workplaces in Alaska reopen.

Alaska lawmakers pass funding bill, finishing what they came to Juneau to do

The Senate overwhelmingly passed the bill to distribute over $1.1 billion in funding after the House adjourned

Complaint alleges Dunleavy violated ethics law by auctioning breakfast at Governor’s Mansion

State law prohibits the use of state facilities for partisan political purposes, except to discuss political strategy or use communications equipment, as long as there is no charge to the state.