Andrew Kitchenman, APRN & KTOO - Juneau


The rising cost of Medicaid to the state of Alaska has been the target of criticism during the first two days of state Senate Finance Committee hearings. Listen now

Alaska Senate Republican leaders are pointing to rising oil prices as confirmation that their reticence to a proposed income tax was right. The chamber’s leading Democrat says relying on oil gains would be shortsighted. Listen now

The second session of the 30th Alaska Legislature began Tuesday, with the caucus leaders expressing hope that this year will be more productive than 2017. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker met Monday with the three nominees for the now vacant District 40 seat for the Alaska House. The district covers the North Slope and Northwest Arctic boroughs and is open because former Rep. Dean Westlake resigned after allegations of sexual harassment. Listen now

The group Alaskans for Integrity said it likely has more than enough signed petitions to put an initiative on the fall ballot that would accomplish that. More than 45,000 signatures were submitted for the Alaska Government Accountability Act. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker will pick one of three finalists to fill the Alaska House seat left vacant by Dean Westlake, who resigned after he was accused of harassing female aides. Listen now

Alaska’s criminal justice system is scaling back the use of cash bail for many awaiting trials. Listen now

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are drawing interest as investments. State regulators issued a statement Thursday advising investors to approach them with caution. Listen now

State corrections officials closed or moved drug treatment programs it offered because of contracting issues just as lighter sentencing rules took effect that were supposed to be paired with more treatment. Listen now

Walker also proposed process changes. Lawmakers’ per diem payments would stop if they don’t pass a budget in the 90-day session set by state law. Their salaries would also be delayed. Another change would shift the state to a two-year budget. Listen now

“It shows that more and more so, people who do these kinds of things are going to be held accountable for their actions,” said Olivia Garrett, a former legislative aide and the first person to come forward publicly with allegations. Listen now

Lobaugh wrote in a report released Tuesday that the video showed Wilson held his cellphone about one to two feet away from the hemline of the aide’s skirt for four seconds. Listen now

Peterson wrote that it is unlikely the state will be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Wilson acted with the specific intent to harass or annoy Herz. Listen now

Two news reporters have said Wilson held his cell phone between the legs of the staffer. Listen now

The payment will offset nearly half the $55 million cost of the Alaska Reinsurance Program. Listen now

Over the last three years, wetlands mitigation hasn’t been happening as often as it used to, and conservation groups are concerned. Whether the change is intentional or incidental is disputed. Listen now

Subcommittee has been asked to provide recommendations to the Legislative Council before the start of the legislative session in January.

Two Capitol reporters say they witnessed the senator putting his cellphone between a female staffer’s legs in a public hallway. The senator denies it. Listen now

The incident sparked concerns about sexual harassment and other workplace harassment in the Capitol.

Recent concerns about sexual harassment both outside Alaska and in Juneau have led lawmakers to consider making changes to the policy. Listen now