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State blames obsolete technology on delay in $300 weekly unemployment payments

Dunleavy says he hopes the state can start paying the benefits by the end of this week.
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Will full PFDs spell problems for Permanent Fund’s future?

Legislative candidates have divergent ideas about how to pay dividends from the Permanent Fund while maintaining state services.
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By mail, early, in person: Here’s a guide to voting in Alaska

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Saturday, Oct. 24.
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Al Gross points to medical background in Senate bid

Gross is using his background in medicine to criticize the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. He's also pushing for a public option for healthcare.
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Report co-written by former Alaska budget director Arduin ranks Gov. Dunleavy 49th out of 50 governors

In a webinar on Friday announcing the report, Arduin said Dunleavy could improve his ranking by cutting state spending and working to change state policies on welfare and labor unions.
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Dunleavy’s court system vetoes because of abortion funding were illegal, judge says

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Jennifer Henderson ruled that Dunleavy’s vetoes of $334,700 both last year and this year violated the separation of powers doctrine. She also voided the veto for the current budget.
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Alaska eases restrictions on travel into and out of the state during pandemic

The quarantine requirement for people flying into Alaska without a negative test will be five days.
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Alaska’s latest election lawsuit would give absentee voters a chance to fix mail-in ballot errors

A lawsuit is seeking to give absentee voters in Alaska a chance to fix mail-in ballot errors that would otherwise prevent their votes from being counted.
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Alaska Supreme Court rules that absentee voters won’t need witnesses

Alaskans voting by mail will not be required to have witnesses sign their ballots, after the Alaska Supreme Court upheld a judge’s ruling on Monday.
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Filings show group opposing oil tax initiative raised $18.5M

OneAlaska has raised more than 10 times as much as Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share, the largest group supporting the oil tax measure.
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State elections watchdog orders ‘No on 2’ campaign to fix or take down ads

The group opposing a ballot reform initiative used outdated donor information in its advertisements.

WATCH: Running — Legislative debates, night two

The balance of power in the state legislature is at stake when Alaskans cast their ballots this fall. Andrew Kitcheman moderates debates with candidates from some of the most hotly contested races for state Senate and House.
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Alaska voter registration deadline is Sunday

Voters can register online, in person, or by mail.
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Thanks to the pandemic, Medicaid is covering more Alaskans than ever

While Medicaid enrollment has risen over 5% in Alaska since the start of the pandemic, that's less than the rise in most other states.
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More than a quarter of Alaska communities haven’t claimed state CARES Act grants

63 Alaska communities haven't claimed funds, largely overe disagreements about how to spend the money.
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Small business grant applications skyrocket after Dunleavy loosens restrictions

It was a stark reversal for the AK CARES grant program, after Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration expanded eligibility for the grants.
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When it comes to weighing in on his former attorney general, Dunleavy says he’s limited by state law

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy declined to answer a question on what he knew and when he knew about inappropriate text messages former Attorney General Kevin Clarkson sent to a younger female state worker.
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Longtime state Senator John Coghill loses Republican primary

Senate President Cathy Giessel also has likely lost her primary election.
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Alaska primary results solidify heading into end of vote counting

The races for Alaska’s legislative elections this fall continue to take shape on Thursday, after most of the remaining absentee ballots were counted. In all but a few races, it would take hundreds of ballots that hadn’t previously been announced to change results.