Anne Jensen


I'm an archaeologist living in Barrow, Alaska.  I excavate at the Nuvuk

site, and I have a garden.  Both are most active in the brief summer, and

both are the northernmost of their kind (garden, archaeology site) in the

US.  At my job at UIC Science I get to work with scientists whose research

into the effect of the sun's radiation on climate can provide insight into

the weather patterns that affect my garden and that may increase coastal

erosion at Nuvuk at Point Barrow.

…or the US, for that matter. Forget-me-nots are the Alaska state flower, and this is, without a doubt, the farthest north plant. I transplanted it from Point Hope years ago, and it is doing very well this year, with flowers a good 5 inches taller than ever before in Barrow (although still about 6 inches shorter than they were in Point Hope).