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Annie Feidt is the Managing Editor for Alaska's Energy Desk, a collaboration between Alaska Public Media in Anchorage, KTOO Public Media in Juneau and KUCB in Unalaska. Her reporting has taken her searching for polar bears on the Chukchi Sea ice, out to remote checkpoints on the Iditarod Trail, and up on the Eklutna Glacier with scientists studying its retreat. Her stories have been heard nationally on NPR and Marketplace. Annie’s career in radio journalism began in 1998 at Minnesota Public Radio, where she produced the regional edition of All Things Considered. She moved to Anchorage in 2004 with her husband, intending to stay in the 49th state just a few years. She has no plans to leave anytime soon. afeidt (at) alaskapublic (dot) org  |  907.550.8443 | About Annie

New legislation improves earthquake preparedness in Alaska

The legislation, which now awaits the president’s signature, could help Alaska implement the latest technology to monitor earthquakes.

New federal report: Climate change is going to be expensive in Alaska and impact every household in the state

The latest National Climate Assessment, released today, devotes an entire chapter to Alaska and describes the state as one of the fastest warming places on earth.

Lt. Gov. Davidson delivers first public speech in new position

She spoke at the annual tribal conference, held today at the Egan Center to kick of the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention, which starts tomorrow. Listen now

Climate change in Alaska and The Big Thaw podcast

Alaskans have a front row seat to climate change, and Alaska's Energy Desk is telling the stories of our changing state in a new podcast called The Big Thaw. On the next Talk of Alaska- the stories behind the podcast. Join us for a conversation with Energy Desk journalists about what they learned reporting on climate change in our state. LISTEN HERE

The Fishermen | The Big Thaw: Ep. 3

Cod are disappearing in the Gulf of Alaska. Is this a preview of what’s to come as the oceans warm?

The Big Thaw: Fishermen in Kodiak cope with record low cod numbers

The cod population in the Gulf of Alaska is at its lowest level on record. The culprit is a warm water mass called "the blob" that churned in the Pacific Ocean between 2013 and 2017. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: Anchorage, this gloomy spring is all in your head

Since April, the weather in Anchorage has been a few degrees warmer than normal and also drier than normal. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: Traditional knowledge is critical to climate research

More and more, scientists rely on traditional ecological knowledge to study climate change. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: Snow melt around the state is right on schedule

An early melt-out date can make for an especially bad wildfire season, but this year, it’s right on schedule for much of the state. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: The spring equinox doesn’t mark the start of spring

The sun is directly over the equator, giving equal amounts of daylight and darkness around the world. Listen now

The Cost of Cold: When the only option is diesel

There are a lot of heating options. Electricity, natural gas, wood, coal... even french fry oil. But in much of rural Alaska, and even some cities, the primary heating source is diesel. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: A winter of warm temps and decent snow

For climatological winter, Alaska was about seven degrees above normal. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: The connection between sea ice and global weather

In the past, climate models have struggled to connect ocean conditions with what happens in the atmosphere. But two new studies do a much better job describing that link. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: Winter weather makes a comeback at the Winter Olympics

You have to go back over twenty years to find a colder winter Olympics. Listen now

Alaskans at the Olympics

More than a dozen Alaskans are representing the U.S. in the winter Olympics that recently kicked off in South Korea. They're competing in traditional sports like ice skating and nordic skiing. And newer events, like snowboard cross- where snowboarders race down a mountain course that includes jumps. LISTEN HERE

7.9 earthquake was an intriguing one for seismologists

The 7.9 earthquake was an interesting one that will "garner a lot of attention, scientifically."

Ask a Climatologist: What is polar amplification?

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Brettschneider says it’s a phenomenon called polar amplification. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: 2017 was hot around the globe, warm in Alaska

Across the globe, 2017 was the second hottest year on record, just behind 2016, according to a European Union monitoring center. Temperatures in Alaska last year were a bit more moderate. 2017 was the 13th warmest year on record. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: A remarkably warm December

December has been remarkably warm across Alaska. Listen now