Ari Snider, KCAW - Sitka


Southeast Alaska winter king salmon landings up from last year but still below average

Commercial landings and number of fish caught are up from last year, and the season kicked off with opening prices of $12 per pound.

Building a boat with Tongass timber, woodworker finds local lumber hard to come by

It can be surprisingly difficult for people living in and around the country’s largest national forest to get access to local timber.

Rebuilt cafe, new community greenhouse springing up in Tenakee

The greenhouse is expected to be operational by the end of winter, in time to plant seeds for summer gardens.

Port Alexander lands new float plane service for ‘essential’ Sitka connection

When Sitka-based Harris Air stopped flying in September, Port Alexander temporarily lost its Essential Air Service flight, leaving residents with limited options for travel.

Cruise boom brings more business to Sitka but strains some local attractions

More than 210,000 cruise ship passengers disembarked in Sitka this summer, an increase of more than 40 percent from 2018.

Tlingit potatoes continue to thrive thanks to Sitka Tribe, Forest Service

Historically, Tlingit people planted the tubers by the beach, at the forest’s edge, where there was ample sunlight and plenty of seaweed and fish gut fertilizer.