Audrey Weltman Kelly

Audrey Weltman Kelly has lived in Alaska since 1967. Already fascinated with Alaska state history, she became interested in the history of Anchorage when she moved there in 1997. After retiring from a career in Travel and Tourism, Audrey became a Downtown Walking Tour volunteer with Anchorage Historic Properties. In 2003 John Bagoy requested help presenting the Annual Summer Solstice Tour that he gave every June 21 at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. Audrey started presenting with John that year. Her husband Bruce joined them the following year. Audrey and Bruce have continued leading the John Bagoy Solstice Tour every year since.

Stories at the Cemetery, hosted by Bruce Kelly, Audrey Kelly and Linda Benson, is back by popular demand. In addition to the usual Solstice event on June 21, stories will be told at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery on Sunday, July 22 beginning at 6PM. Learn more.