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People look at maps hanging on a wall.

Alaska judge orders board adopt interim redistricting map

Superior Court Judge Thomas Matthews in a decision released late Monday ordered the board to adopt on an interim basis a map that pairs the Eagle River area House districts into a Senate district.

Alaska lawmakers struggle with dividend debate

Alaska lawmakers are running out of time this session to pass legislation aimed at resolving the annual debate over what size dividend should be paid to residents from the state’s oil wealth fund.
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Alaska House Republicans remove Eastman from caucus

Minority Leader Cathy Tilton said informal polling of her caucus’ members showed more than two-thirds agreed to Eastman’s removal.
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Sullivan says he hasn’t endorsed yet in Alaska’s House race

Sullivan said that when it comes to a successor to Young, he is interested in “having a fighter like Don Young was” and a Republican.
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Lawsuit challenges Alaska campaign disclosure rules

Political donors have sued over campaign finance rules enacted under a 2020 voter initiative, arguing the disclosure rules are burdensome and could lead to reprisals against them and their business interests in a climate of “cancel culture.”
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4 people found dead following house fire in Western Alaska

A team of deputy fire marshals sent from Anchorage found the remains of four people, including two children, following the Tuesday fire.

Alaska House cancels formal meeting plans until next week

The House does not plan to hold another formal floor session until next week.
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Former state Sen. John Coghill enters race for Alaska US House seat

Coghill said after praying about a possible run, he came away with the thought that he “can’t not do it.”
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Tensions flare in Alaska House over masking, floor sessions

Legislative leaders last month voted to end a policy that required masking, regardless of vaccination status, in legislative facilities and regular COVID-19 testing.
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Anchorage Democrat Elvi Gray-Jackson ends run for US Senate

Gray-Jackson said she looks forward to “supporting a new candidate who represents the best of Alaska’s ideals to challenge” Sen. Murkowski.
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Alaska high court finds Senate district unconstitutional

The pairing had drawn intense discussion among Alaska Redistricting Board members last fall as they worked to finalize new maps.
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Alaska House passes campaign contribution limits bill

The bill, from Rep. Calvin Schrage, an Anchorage independent, would set a $2,000 limit on what an individual could contribute to a candidate each campaign period.

Alaska North Slope natural gas leak is under investigation

Authorities are investigating a natural gas leak detected last week at a ConocoPhillips Alaska oil drill site on Alaska’s North Slope, officials said.
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Alaska lawmakers urge divestment from Russian companies

The total value of the fund, at the end of January, was about $81 billion.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski speaks with reporters inside the Division of Election office in Anchorage

Murkowski concerned with how court may rule in abortion case

Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Tuesday that she’s concerned with the direction the U.S. Supreme Court could take on the issue of abortion.
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Huge opal sells for nearly $144,000 at Alaska auction

The opal, dubbed the “Americus Australis,” weighs more than 11,800 carats.
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Alaska House backs off sanctions for legislator in far-right Oath Keepers group

House Majority Leader Chris Tuck said it was “questionable” whether the votes were there to remove Republican Rep. David Eastman from committees.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski poses for a photo outside the Division of Election office in Anchorage

Murkowski campaign has more than 6 times the cash as rival Tshibaka

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's campaign reported bringing in nearly $1.4 million last quarter compared to Kelly Tshibaka's nearly $602,000.
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Here’s how Alaska’s unique new election system will work

Alaska elections will be held for the first time this year under a unique new system that scraps party primaries and uses ranked choice voting in general elections.
People look at maps hanging on a wall.

Trial begins over challenges to Alaska redistricting plan

Following a discussion of procedural matters, the trial began with questioning of witnesses related to a case challenging the board’s decision to split conservative Eagle River into two Senate districts.