Chugach National Forest


This stunning landscape stretches across south-central Alaska, from the salty waters and snowy peaks of Prince William Sound to the fabulous salmon and trout streams of the Kenai Peninsula, covering an area the size of New Hampshire. It is one of the few places left in the world where glaciers still grind valleys into the hard rock of the earth.

New Alaska National Forest Posters Highlights Fish and Wildlife

posters-small-2013 The Chugach and Tongass National Forests have released two new posters in their series, "More Than a Place to Visit—It’s Where We Live." The new 16x32 inch posters are available for free at your local Forest Service office. Learn more.

Anchorage teens find more than just a summer job on public lands

Chugach National Forest Summer Jobs 1 When Alex Zimmerman was young, she loved the outdoors and told people she wanted to be a “bug scientist” when she grew up. But her career plans really began to take shape last year when she was accepted into Youth Employment in Parks. Read more.