Connie Walker


Connie and her husband, Dick Walker, moved to Anchorage in 1966 where two sons, Brian and Michael, were born.  Before they left Alaska in 1982, the family enjoyed camping, fishing and cross-country skiing.

A writing class from ACC inspired Connie to write poetry, short stories and a novel.  She earned a Certificate as an Herbalist from the Dominion Herbal College of B.C., Canada.  In Anchorage, she worked at the Rainbow Health Center and Anna’s Health Foods.

The Walkers operated their own herbal store and school for 25 years in Salem, OR where Connie wrote and taught an herbal course for the National Health Care Institute.

Retirement allows Connie to pursue her passion for writing and storytelling.

Memories of Making Cranberry Hooch

Bog Cranberries (High Bush Variety) Turn Bright Red in Autumn.  (National Archives, 1973.) In 1968, my handsome, newbie husband Dick spotted an article in the Anchorage Daily News that told how to make different things out of high bush cranberries: jelly, juice, ketchup and hooch. We decided to try and make some. Read more.