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Workers gather outside a square, weathered one-story warehouse building

At closed campus seafood processors, workers swap freedom for paychecks

Workers, many of whom come from out of the country, say they weren't informed of the extreme restrictions before they arrived.
About 25 different people listen in on a screenshot of Zoom

Free online Tlingit language class sees widespread interest during pandemic

Over 100 people have been joining in the free online Tlingit classes

During pandemic, a ‘delicate balance’ between patient privacy and public health

HIPAA requires that officials protect the identity of people diagnosed with a disease, but public health officials also need to make sure people know where they might have been exposed.

Petersburg to unveil new mural to honor Native civil rights leader Elizabeth Peratrovich

Alaska residents have taken a renewed interest in the civil rights leader after her likeness was used on a $1 U.S. Treasury coin last year.