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Dillingham protesters prevail with city council on liquor license transfer

The city of Dillingham is protesting the transfer of a liquor license from one location to another across town. The new location for the second Olsen’s Liquor Store would be in a residential area, and that’s met with resistance from the neighborhood. While the city can protest the transfer, the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board will ultimately decide whether or not it goes through. The city council took up the issue again this week. Listen Now
Red king crab, pictured here, is one of 13 species that the National Marine Fisheries Service wants importers to provide better information about if it comes from abroad. (Photo via Alaska Department of Fish & Game)

Down year for BSAI crab fisheries

It's going to be a down year for crabbing in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands fisheries. Several fisheries will be closed, and others will have reduced harvest quotas. The unwelcome news from Alaska's Department of Fish & Game last week was not unexpected after a summer survey reported in late August that crab stocks were down. Listen Now

Arson suspected in Sunday morning market fire in Dillingham

Dillingham Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene before 8 a.m. Sunday to a fire in the N&N Market. Listen Now
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Fish and Game conservative in herring forecast

The forecast is out for next spring's Togiak herring fishery, the largest of its kind in the state. The Department of Fish and Game is taking a conservative approach to managing the fishery since its budget to do so was zeroed out. Listen Now

3 dead in Hageland plane crash en route to Togiak

A Cessna 208 caravan was traveling from Quinhagak to Togiak with two Hageland pilots and one passenger on board when it crashed. An emergency locator signal was received just before 1:30. Two state troopers in Dillingham took a helicopter to the scene shortly after. Listen Now

Hundreds of thousands “misappropriated” by former Naknek Electric manager

The Naknek Electric Association is working to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars embezzled over several years, and repair its reputation with a furious membership. Listen Now
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21-year-old Dillingham man enters guilty plea in shooting case involving a friend

Reece David Johnson, 21, of Dillingham pleaded guilty Tuesday in a case that involved his alleged shooting of a friend in the back last May.

Washington man due in federal court for Alaska scam

A Puyallup, Wash. man is due in the U.S. District Court in Alaska on Thursday to face charges he defrauded several million dollars out of victims in Alaska, money he then gambled away. Floyd Jay Mann allegedly ran his elaborate scam for several years, and many or most of his victims are from Dillingham.

Ivanoff Bay man found after week-long search

In the remote village of Ivanoff Bay on the Alaska Peninsula, one of the four residents went missing on August 30. 66-year-old Allen Kalmakoff walked off and couldn't be found.
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BIA aids Togiak couples with moving into HUD homes

Last week in Togiak, two couples moved into their new HUD houses. They were the first in the state to take advantage of a down payment assistance program from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Listen now

Heroin laced with fentanyl in Dillingham too, says Bristol Bay law enforcement

This month in Quinahagak four people overdosed and one young woman died after using heroin that contained a large amount of fentanyl. Authorities say the heroin supply in other parts of Western Alaska is likely laced with the powerful, often deadly, added drug, and they’re putting the word out that things could soon get worse in the region. Listen now

Longtime manager ousted from three village corporations

Aleknagik Natives Ltd. board president Molly Chythlook confirmed Tuesday that Fred Nishimura had been fired as the business manager for the village corporation. Listen now
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Beaver float plane crashes near Mirror Lake, no fatalities

There were no fatalities after a Dehavilland Beaver float plane crashed Monday afternoon on Mirror Lake south of Kokhanok [Iliamna Lake]. The Beaver had 6 passengers and 1 pilot onboard and was leaving the area after a day's fishing on Moraine Creek. Mitchell Gallo is a senior air safety investigator with the NTSB. Listen now

Bristol Bay police nab suspected heroin traffickers

Nathan G. Wegner, 31, and Brandi N. Smith, 27, were found in possession of more than 23 grams of heroin and $6700 cash Thursday at Peterson Point, Naknek. Wegner escaped custody Friday, but was recaptured within the hour. Listen now
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Two people drown in Noorvik, police report

State troopers reported the drowning death of two people from the Northwest community of Noorvik this week. Listen now

AK: 2016: The year Bristol Bay landed its 2,000,000,000th salmon

Bristol Bay is home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world. Over 132 years of commercial effort, now more than two billion salmon have been harvested from the Bay’s waters. In fact, the two billionth salmon was landed sometime, by someone, on July 6, 2016. Listen now

Tug deckhand perishes in Naknek barge accident

A young man died Wednesday after being crushed between two barges in the Naknek River. Spencer Vaughn Brewer, 20, of Seattle was a deckhand with Naknek Barge Lines.

Walrus create issues for salmon fishing districts

While geese may be getting out of hand on the North Slope, a new walrus haul out at Cape Greig in Bristol Bay could create some problems for the Bay's Ugashik and Egegik salmon fishing districts. But right now the Department of Fish and Game says they'll start the fishery business-as-usual. Download Audio

Canadian-based company buys Icicle Seafoods after a year on the market

After more than a year on the market, Icicle Seafoods has a buyer: Canadian-based Cooke Aquaculture announced Monday it is purchasing Icicle whole to build its presence in US farmed salmon sector and gain a major foothold in Alaska’s wild fisheries. Download Audio

Walrus hauling out at new Bristol Bay spot north of Ugashik

Pilots, nearby residents, and now the Fish and Wildlife Service say up to 2,000 walrus have been seen hauled out at Cape Grieg between Ugashik and Egegik. Download Audio