David Purdy, KTOO - Juneau


Alaskan Brewing Company unsure how steel, aluminum tariffs will affect manufacturing

As the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs take effect, the Alaskan Brewing Company is unsure what effect they’ll have – if any. The company employs about 100 people making beer in Juneau. Listen now

The real cost of child care in Juneau

Working parents looking for child care can find themselves without many options in Juneau. Like a lot of things in Alaska — it’s expensive — sometimes costing more than $1,000 a month. Listen now

Emergency radio kit from Southeast Alaska sent to help Puerto Rico broadcaster

Last Monday, a portable emergency radio kit went from Juneau to Puerto Rico to help with communications during recovery after Hurricane Maria. Listen now

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation: Investors of billions

The Permanent Fund Dividend is in the news a lot, but where does that money come from? The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation is responsible for managing the investment of the $52 billion fund. The corporation does not send out dividend checks, but its investment earnings determine the size of the PFD. Download Audio

Legislators blow off steam at Annual Legislative Team Shoot

Every year, legislators take a break from their work at the Capitol and head to the gun range. Lawmakers, their staff, and members of the Alaska Correctional Officers Association recently participated in the 19th Annual Legislative Team Shoot at the Juneau Gun Club and Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex.

Off Their Rockers At Juneau’s Senior Prom

Every year, the senior citizens living at the Juneau Pioneer Home throw a "senior prom."