Davis Hovey, KNOM - Nome

Davis Hovey is a news reporter at KNOM - Nome. Hovey was born and raised in Virginia. He spent most of his childhood in Greene County 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville where University of Virginia is located. Hovis was drawn in by the opportunity to work for a radio station in a remote, unique place like Nome Alaska. Hovis went to Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Broadcast Digital Journalism.

Warmer waters believed to be main cause for dead pink salmon in Norton Sound

Norton Sound residents have reported salmon die-offs in unusually large numbers during the last week.

Aspiring to have a ‘live city again,’ Solomon moves forward on path to renewable energy

What used to be a fast-growing community during the gold rush in the early 1900s, the Village of Solomon is now only inhabited seasonally with no year-round residents. Located about 30 miles east of Nome, this community now seeks to return to its former status as a city.

Emmonak votes to keep alcohol and remain ‘damp’

Voters in the Western Alaska community of Emmonak have narrowly decided to continue restricted alcohol sales and remain a so-called "damp" community under local option laws.

Diomede’s outdated water system recovers only partially after failure; residents make do with snow melt and run-off

Officials say a myriad of issues — including rust buildup in the water storage tank, an outdated pressure pump and a failed heating system — caused Diomede's water system to stop working earlier this month.

‘Ragin’ Contagion’ exercise tests Nome’s ability to respond to widespread disease

The fall of 2018 marked one hundred years since the Spanish flu hit Western Alaska, devastating Alaska Native populations and wiping out some villages in the region. This month, public health officials participated in a statewide exercise that tested how communities would respond if a similar widespread airborne disease happened today.

Elim without potable water; boil notice issued

The community of Elim is going into its fourth day without running water, following more than a day without power over the weekend. And as of Tuesday, the state issued a boil-water notice for the Norton Sound coastal community.

Hunter finds two bodies between Nome and Teller

Two bodies have been found between Nome and Teller, southwest of the Sinuk River bridge. Alaska State Trooper spokesperson, Megan Peters, says the two bodies found over the weekend by a local hunter have not been identified.

Nome woman arrested after confronting Dunleavy at airport

During Governor Mike Dunleavy's visit to Nome yesterday, which was one of his scheduled “roadshow” stops around the state, he was greeted at the airport by Brenda Evak, who was ultimately taken away in handcuffs for alleged disorderly conduct.

Alaska delegation introduces bills to curb states’ bans on walrus ivory

Alaska’s Congressman and Senators have introduced legislation in the U.S. House and Senate to preempt states from banning walrus ivory, whale bone and other marine mammal products.

Drug trafficking charges filed against former head of Kotzebue post office

A former postmaster in Kotzebue has been indicted for charges of drug trafficking, which allegedly took place over a two-year period while he was running the local post office.

‘Pretty amazing that we’re here’: Morgan and Olds win second Iron Dog in a row

When all was said and done, Saturday morning before 11am, Mike Morgan and Chris Olds crossed the finish line of this year’s Iron Dog in about 34 hours and 30 minutes, making this their second win in two consecutive races.

Storms erode Bering Sea ice pack; caution is urged

Winter storms and blustery weather currently buffeting the Bering Sea have caused sea ice coverage to be reduced by almost 25% since late January.

With Governor’s Award, Ivanoff recognized as leader among Alaska Native writers

Although she has had less time to write lately with the birth of her son almost seven months ago, Laureli Ivanoff of Unalakleet continues to reach wide-ranging audiences with her writing.

Unalakleet constructing assisted living facility to serve elders of Norton Sound

The facility is the first of its kind in the Norton Sound region and will have room for ten occupants. It will give elders in the region an option to receive services in a location closer to their home communities.

US future in Arctic hinges on expanding its icebreaker fleet, Coast Guard says

There’s a heavy demand from scientists to use the Coast Guard’s icebreakers to do research in Arctic waters. But with only two icebreakers in its entire fleet, the Coast Guard’s capabilities are limited.

TelAlaska provides first internet through fiber packages for Nome residents, with limitations

Starting with systems like Nook Net, going through satellite providers and bigger companies such as GCI, to now having access to unlimited bandwidth capacity through Quintillion’s fiber optic project. This new internet option in Nome both meets expectations and, for some, misses the mark.

Coast Guard seeks feedback on potential impact of 6 new icebreakers

The U.S. Coast Guard is soliciting feedback on their six new polar icebreakers, which are expected to train in Arctic waters as soon as 2023. Listen now

E. coli outbreak comes to Alaska, first confirmed cases are Nome inmates

Alaska has reported its first cases of a strain of E. coli bacteria related to a national outbreak going on this month. Listen now

At 2018 Finisher’s Banquet, tales from a difficult Iditarod

The 2018 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has come to an end, as 52 out of the original 67 mushers have crossed the finish line in Nome. Listen now

Iditarod checkpoint enforces ordinance to control loose dog population as mushers arrive

Coinciding with the Iditarod sled dog race, Unalakleet issued an emergency ordinance to address loose dogs running free around the community. Many residents complained about a problem, and not everyone is happy with the solution.