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Coast Guard encountered Chinese warships in the Aleutians in August

The Coast Guard encountered a flotilla of Chinese warships 46 miles off the Aleutian Islands at the end of August, inside of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone.
A whale surfaces in the ocean.

Watch: In August, scientists saw rare right whales twice in Alaska waters

Biologist Jessica Crance witnessed both sightings personally, and is among a handful of living people who have seen one of this population of right whales up close since the species was devastated by commercial whaling.
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Investigation into Scandies Rose sinking points to ice accumulation

The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into the Scandies Rose sinking has found no fault with the captain or crew but pointed to inaccurate vessel stability instructions that could have led to dangerous ice accumulation.
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Kodiak remembers 101-year-old woman determined to vote

Margaret Hall of Kodiak wanted very badly to vote this year. She first saw the voting process up close in Minneapolis, Minnesota.