Dave Waldron, APRN - Anchorage

Dave Waldron, APRN - Anchorage
David Waldron began his radio career in 2000 as a volunteer DJ at UAA’s radio station KRUA 88.1, where he hosted a weekend music show. In 2004 he was hired as the station’s Music Director, and held the position until his graduation in 2007. After a few radio odd jobs, he was hired by Alaska Public Media in 2008 as an operator and audio engineer. He currently engineers the statewide programs Alaska News Nightly and Talk of Alaska for APRN, as well as KSKA's Hometown Alaska and Line One: Your Health Connection. He also hosts and produces AK, a weekly news program that airs at the end of Alaska News Nightly on Fridays. dwaldron (at) alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8425 | About Dave

It’s been an especially good winter for aurora viewing in Alaska, and that’s great news for the man known as the aurora hunter. Todd Salat discovered his passion for aurora viewing two decades ago. Since then, he's slowly built up a successful business capturing incredible aurora images in photos and video.

Today we’re visiting the Anchorage Museum’s newest exhibit: “Arctic Flight.” The first thing you see when entering the exhibit is a cherry red 1928 Stearman. And your first question might be, “How did they get an airplane to the third floor of the museum?”

Today we’re going on an art walk. Jean Bundy has been doing these walks annually for about four years in the Anchorage area. For her, it’s about discovering new and interesting artists. Bundy belongs to a very distinguished group called the International Association of Art Critics. Only about 400 people in the entire country can boast the title, and getting it isn’t easy.

The majority of Alaskans do their fishing in the summer months, but there are some that take advantage of the peace and quiet that winter lends to their favorite fishing holes, which in most cases, are still full of fish. Currently though, we aren’t catching anything. Read more.

The United Way of Anchorage is putting on their third annual Walk for Warmth this weekend. The event began as an effort to aid people with living costs during the winter, and to prevent homelessness. Meghan Clemens, the project's manager, says rent and utility assistance together the single biggest unmet need the United Way sees in Anchorage. Read more.

There's a new dance company in town, and they're not afraid to mix genres. Click here for the full the story

D-43, C-12, Eat lunch at a food truck. Playing "Bingo" has never been this fun. Click here for the full story.

What does the Rasmuson Foundation have to do with formally dressed musicians playing in the middle of a Sitka forest? Find out in the full story.

On this edition of Town Square 49 radio, we’re making gourmet scrambled eggs with Heidi Drygas, an Anchorage food blogger. Drygas is an attorney by day, and a cook the rest of the time. Her love for food has always been strong, but her love for cooking came later in life while she was in law school.

Haunted buildings and ghost stories are popular around Halloween, but a newer tradition that combines the two has made its way to Anchorage. For the past two years one man has undertaken the chilly task of leading ghost tours of Anchorage.

It’s no secret that Alaskans love their beer, and in Anchorage it’s showing now more than ever. Established local breweries are constantly expanding and new smaller operations are always popping up. David Waldron recently tracked the adventure of one such brewery.

May and June are some of the best months to go birding in Alaska. And the city of Anchorage is no exception. There are hundreds of different birds to spot, and no limit to the characters you’ll find watching them. APRN’s Dave Waldron is not a birder, but on a recent spring morning, he found his way into the flock.

And when you think of locations for Halloween fun, reindeer farms are probably pretty low on the list. But if you were to travel out to Palmer’s Reindeer farm this weekend, you’d find yourself in for a spooky surprise.