Elizabeth Harball, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage

Elizabeth Harball is a reporter with Alaska's Energy Desk, covering Alaska’s oil and gas industry and environmental policy. She is a contributor to the Energy Desk’s Midnight Oil podcast series. Before moving to Alaska in 2016, Harball worked at E&E News in Washington, D.C., where she covered federal and state climate change policy. Originally from Kalispell, Montana, Harball is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Oil and gas companies snap up North Slope leases on state and federal lands

State and federal oil and gas lease sales held Dec. 14 in Anchorage saw an unexpected surge of interest in the North Slope. Listen Now

Washington congresswoman will likely lead Trump’s Interior Department

Multiple national news outlets are reporting President-elect Donald Trump is set to pick Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican congresswoman from Washington state to lead the Department of Interior. She’s seen as friendly to industry, drawing criticism from some environmentalists. But others think she’s a relatively moderate pick. Listen Now

How much oil is really in ANWR?

The coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ranks as one of the most controversial chunks of land in Alaska. Since Congress set it aside for more study in 1980, environmental groups, politicians and the industry have battled over whether to explore for oil there or to protect the wilderness forever. Listen Now

Alaska leaders seek to avoid fight over oil taxes

Alaska’s leaders are getting ready for tough negotiations over how the state will deal with its multi-billion-dollar budget hole. How much the oil and gas industry should help fill that hole will be an especially controversial question for the legislature this session. Listen Now

Armstrong Oil and Gas has high hopes for another North Slope find this winter

As the amount of oil flowing through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System declines, big new finds on the North Slope are kindling a lot of excitement in Alaska. Speaking at a recent conference in Anchorage, Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Andy Mack called out one find in particular. Listen Now

One Alaskan’s quest to transform how we clean up oil spills

Cleaning up after a major oil spill is a huge challenge. For example, after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, the federal government estimates responders recovered only about a quarter of the nearly 5 billion barrels of oil released. Listen Now

Alaska Native corporation acquires oil and gas leases in Arctic waters

The Alaska Native corporation representing the North Slope has bought two federal leases in the Beaufort sea formerly owned by Shell. That gives the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, or ASRC, the right to explore for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean, which has historically been controversial in the region. Listen Now 

Dakota Access pipeline protesters march in Anchorage

Alaskans joined protesters around the country Tuesday staging demonstrations against the Dakota Access pipeline project, including two in Anchorage. Listen Now

About 120 to leave gas line team as state takes charge of project

At a meeting of the state Gasline Development Corporation board today, corporation Vice President Frank Richards said staff are winding up the project’s first phase, which includes early design and engineering work — called preliminary front-end engineering and design, or pre-FEED. Listen Now

Could a Trump presidency impact Alaska resource development?

Now that Donald Trump is set to take over the White House, big changes could be coming for Alaska's oil and gas industry. But even though Trump will see Alaska through a very different lens than Obama, a 180-degree policy shift isn't likely to happen soon.

Alaska’s top oil companies adjusting to low prices

The big three oil majors that operate in Alaska — BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil Corp. — all released third quarter earnings results in the past week. Listen Now

Anchorage Senate race pits labor leader against staunch industry supporter

The Anchorage race between Republican Cathy Giessel and Independent Vince Beltrami could help determine the balance of power in the state Senate — and how Alaska takes on its fiscal crisis. Listen Now

For Caelus CEO, North Slope ‘big find’ wouldn’t be the first

In a shallow bay off Alaska’s North Slope, Caelus Energy may have made the biggest oil discovery the world has seen since 2010. If developed, the field could have a major impact on Alaska’s economy and the global oil market. But that’s a big “if” — there are plenty of obstacles to overcome. Listen Now

AGDC board asks president tough questions about gasline’s future

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation met today in Kenai for an update on the state’s progress taking over the gas line project. AGDC president Keith Meyer said the transition should wrap up by the end of the year. Listen Now

Hoping for jobs and lower fuel costs, an Alaska Native Corporation explores for gas

Alaska Native Regional Corporation Ahtna, Inc. is searching for natural gas to reduce local energy costs and provide jobs. Last week, Ahtna, Inc. subsidiary Tolsona Oil & Gas Exploration LLC started drilling an exploration well on state land near Glennallen. Listen Now

Walker to return to S. Korea to pitch gasline plan

Governor Bill Walker is going back to South Korea Saturday for the second time this month to pitch his gasline plan. It's Walker's third trip to Asia as governor. Listen Now

Conoco aims to up North Slope production with new drilling rig

ConocoPhillips Alaska has announced plans for a new drilling rig on the North Slope that will more than double the area it can develop from a single drill site. Listen Now

Questions surround Walker’s gas line plan

Gov. Bill Walker is making the case that his new gas line plan will get the project off the drawing board and on to Alaskan soil. But it’s not hard to find skeptics who say Walker is just creating more paperwork.

Alaska emergency crews study up for nation’s first LNG by rail

Starting tomorrow, the Alaska Railroad will be the first in the nation to carry liquefied natural gas by rail. With the Federal Rail Administration’s blessing, LNG will travel the tracks from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

State Natural Resources department hires new oil and gas overseer

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources announced it has hired a new deputy commissioner in charge of oil and gas. Mark Wiggin left Brooks Range Petroleum to take the post, where he worked as an engineering and development manager. Listen now