Elizabeth Harball, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage

Elizabeth Harball is a reporter with Alaska's Energy Desk, covering Alaska’s oil and gas industry and environmental policy. She is a contributor to the Energy Desk’s Midnight Oil podcast series. Before moving to Alaska in 2016, Harball worked at E&E News in Washington, D.C., where she covered federal and state climate change policy. Originally from Kalispell, Montana, Harball is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Trump administration takes next step towards oil lease sales in ANWR

One year after Congress voted to allow oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Trump administration has taken another step towards making it happen.

Environmental groups sue Trump administration to halt Arctic drilling project

A coalition of environmental groups are suing the Trump administration to challenge what would be the first oil production facility in Arctic federal waters, claiming the federal government's analysis leading to its approval was faulty.

This winter, a major oil exploration effort is happening in a familiar place: Prudhoe Bay

BP is undertaking a massive effort to get the clearest picture yet of what the Prudhoe Bay oil field looks like. The idea is that, after all these years, there’s more oil at Prudhoe Bay to drill, but it’s in smaller, harder-to-find pockets.

State and police investigating accident that led to North Slope worker’s death

According to the North Slope Borough chief of police Jeffrey Brown, Shawn Huber died in an accident at the Milne Point facility on Friday, December 7. Huber was 36.

Judge dismisses challenges to oil lease sales in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska

Environmental groups had argued the federal Bureau of Land Management did not do an adequate environmental review before it held oil lease sales in 2016 and 2017.

A week after the Anchorage earthquake, city continues to find damaged homes

Anchorage is still coming to grips with the extent of the damage on buildings and homes following the 7.0 earthquake that struck the region on Nov. 30.

Following earthquake, significant road damage around Southcentral

As of Saturday morning, the state Department of Transportation had documented over 40 damaged sites.

Fallen dishes, water leaks and borrowed shoes: Scenes after the earthquake in downtown Anchorage

“It was one of the most significant shakers I’ve seen in 40 years.” The earthquake hit just as Anchorage was beginning its day, causing widespread damage, derailing plans and snarling traffic.

Climate change will cost Alaska hundreds of millions per year, report finds

A report from the University of Alaska Anchorage notes some of the biggest climate change-related costs come from damage to infrastructure and communities in rural Alaska as permafrost thaws and coastlines erode.

ConocoPhillips executive: more land around Teshekpuk Lake should be available for drilling

His statements come a week after the Trump administration announced it is overhauling the management plan for the 22-million-acre Reserve where Teshekpuk Lake is located, a decision spurred by a series of recent large oil discoveries in the region.

An unexpected agency weighs in on offshore Arctic oil drilling: NASA

NASA says a proposed oil lease sale in the Beaufort Sea could impact rocket launches from the Poker Flat Research Range near Fairbanks.

Trump administration moves to open environmentally sensitive National Petroleum Reserve land to oil drilling

The Interior department on Tuesday announced it is beginning the environmental review process to re-do the management plan for NPR-A, which is west of Prudhoe Bay.

Shrugging off lawsuit, Trump administration forges ahead with offshore Arctic drilling proposal

If the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is going to hold an oil lease sale in the Beaufort Sea in 2019, the environmental review process needs to start now.

Dunleavy selects Corri Feige as natural resources commissioner

Corri Feige is not new to the agency she will now lead — she was previously the head of DNR’s Division of Oil and Gas under Gov. Bill Walker.

Court hears arguments in case that could curtail Arctic Ocean oil drilling

The U.S. District Court in Anchorage heard arguments in a case that could determine whether millions of acres of Arctic waters should be closed to oil development. Listen now

Trump administration downsizes NPR-A lease sale after little interest last year

At its annual oil and gas lease sale, the Bureau of Land Management will offer 254 tracts for bid. Last year, the Trump administration put 900 tracts up for bid. Listen now

With salmon ballot measure’s defeat, Pebble celebrates

In an interview Wednesday, Pebble CEO Tom Collier said even though his company’s mine proposal wasn’t always at the forefront of the debate, the salmon habitat initiative was, in some ways, all about Pebble.

Alaska voters strike down ‘Stand for Salmon’ ballot initiative

"No” voters are leading by a wide margin. Ballot Measure 1 is down 63 percent to 37 percent. If approved, the ballot initiative would add new protections for Alaska’s salmon habitat. Listen now

To carry out salmon habitat measure, Alaska must decide what ‘significant’ means

Part of the uncertainty on how the salmon habitat initiative could affect things like small-scale hydro projects or mom-and-pop placer mines hinges on a single phrase in the ballot measure: "significant adverse effects." Listen now

ConocoPhillips to begin work on $1 billion North Slope oil development this winter

ConocoPhillips today announced the company has made the final decision to build a new, roughly $1 billion drill site on the North Slope. Listen now