Emily Kwong, KCAW - Sitka


Sitka’s salmon fishermen are worried about the state’s strategy for renegotiating the Pacific Salmon Treaty. That’s the document between the United States and Canada that allocates the king salmon harvest across borders and expires at the end of the year. Listen now

One person is dead and another missing after a small plane crashed during a weekend sightseeing trip north of Sitka. Listen now

Summer is here and with it, the siren call of the ocean waves. That’s certainly the case in Yakutat, home of the Icy Waves Surf Shop. Listen now

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, is based in Washington state. But Sitka Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins wants to see NOAA’s Alaska-focused staff, programs and assets relocated closer to home. Listen now

The Sitka sac roe herring fishery has shut down early this year, falling 8,330 tons short of this year’s guideline harvest level. Listen now

Richard Parmelee warms his house with vegetable oil, donated by a local Chinese restaurant and McDonalds. Listen now

In the world of martial arts, the name Gracie is a major heavyweight. The Gracie family is synonymous with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and brought the sport to the United States over 40 years ago. A student of the Gracie family brought his teachings from Brazil to a local gym in Sitka. Listen now

The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association is nearing completion of a bathymetric map to help local fishermen catch more efficiently. The map was made possible through a network of small boat fishermen that have spent the past decade gathering data on the bottom of the sea floor. Listen now

While the Olympics come to a close in PyeongChang this weekend, another competition is underway at East Anchorage High School. That’s where over 100 students and their coaches have gathered for the state’s annual “Drama, Debate, and Forensics” Championship. Listen now

The City of Sitka dealt with a messy situation Friday when a vital part of the sewer system failed. Listen now

Southeast Alaska’s marathon Board of Fisheries meeting Tuesday night came to a close in Sitka. A handful of regulations for fishing have changed, while others did not pass muster.

Following a 4-3 vote, commercial salmon fishermen are now banned from using spotter planes in Southeast waters. Listen now

The parking lot at Harrigan Centennial Hall in Sitka is packed to the gills. That’s because the Alaska Board of Fisheries is in town reviewing over 100 finfish proposals. If passed, a proposal can changes the rules of the game for fishing and one of the major battles concerns the future of the Sitka sac roe herring fishery. Listen now

A historic landmark in the center of downtown Sitka was the subject of fierce debate at the Assembly table two weeks ago over the separation of church and state. Listen now

As far as dump make-overs go, Yakutat has the ultimate Cinderella story. The remote fishing community is hundreds of miles from any other city. Barging trash away is too expensive. So, as the dump filled to the brim, what was Yakutat to do? Listen now

Sitka recently installed overhead lights at the Turnaround Skate Park, a popular hang-out spot for skaters and scooter riders looking to catch some air. Listen now

The holidays are a time of tradition, but also reflection for why we celebrate the way we do. And in Sitka, no holiday is as much of a lightning rod for cultural debate as Alaska Day. Listen now

With Alaska Day comes a flurry of visitors — some carrying musical instruments. The Seattle Firefighters Pipes and Drums landed in Sitka on Saturday and their first stop was the historic cable house, home to Raven Radio, for a live performance. Listen now

Sitka Community Hospital is getting the office extension it asked for, but not without some big picture questions from the Sitka Assembly Tuesday night on how it will stay financially solvent into the future. Listen now

The events in Charlottesville continued to ripple across the country, with protests to condemn racism and to mourn the counter-protester who was killed on Saturday. About 50 people gathered over the weekend in Homer, and some 300 came out Sunday in downtown Anchorage. On Monday, dozens of people joined a candlelight vigil in Sitka. Listen now