Graelyn Brashear, Alaska Public Media

Graelyn Brashear, Alaska Public Media

A lot of people wouldn't be all that excited about hopping in a WOODEN plane and flying thousands of miles, but in November, an Eagle River couple will do just that. They'll be part of a vintage air rally, flying an antique plane from Crete to Capetown on a journey that will take more than a month. Alaska Public Media's Graelyn Brashear met them to learn more about the adventure. Listen now

On August 10, the state marked its first official Alaska Wild Salmon Day. Listen now

Alaska Airlines is building a new $40 million maintenance hangar at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Listen now

The overall message at the AEDC’s annual economic forecast luncheon at the Denai’na Center in downtown Anchorage Wednesday wasn’t all doom and gloom. Listen now

Anchorage is assigning more police to handle drunk drivers. Listen now

Wet weather has brought much-needed relief to the ongoing effort to control the McHugh Creek fire in southeast Anchorage. Listen now

The five-day-old McHugh fire continues to burn in Chugach State Park in southeast Anchorage, and fire officials are calling in additional crews to battle the blaze. Listen now

Marine researchers were hoping that 2016 was going to be a better year for whales in Alaska. Listen now

On the walls of the Boheme Coffee Lounge in Anchorage hang eighteen glass panels. Listen now

Researchers are trying to determine what caused the deaths of three large whales found along Alaska’s coastline within a single week in late June. Download Audio

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development agency today announced more than $16 million in federal grants for energy projects in communities across Alaska. Download Audio

On August 16, the Crystal Serenity will steam out of Seward on a historic trip. The vessel will be the first big luxury liner to chart a course through the Northwest Passage, stopping in Kodiak, Unalaska and Nome before cruising through Canada's far north to Greenland and then south to New York. The unprecedented voyage is generating excitement—and some trepidation. Download Audio
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Four sites near Valdez are set to join a growing list of Alaska parks under private management. Download Audio

Last month, Great Pacific Seafoods filed for Chapter Seven bankruptcy. The processing company shut down its plants in Anchorage, Kenai and Whittier, blaming a drop in roe prices and rising costs for its financial woes. The tiny village of Whittier, on Prince William Sound, is keenly feeling the loss of a major employer. Download Audio

It’s far from a rare disease: One in 26 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed in their lifetime. That makes it twice as common as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis combined. Download Audio