Hannah Colton, KDLG - Dillingham

Hannah Colton is a reporter at a in Dillingham.

Warming ocean temps may bode poorly for pollock

On Tuesday researchers wrapped up a month-long cruise through the unusually warm waters of the Bering Sea. They’re investigating how the second year of a warming pattern is affecting the ecosystem, including the nation’s largest fishery, pollock. Download Audio

Denali Commission-funded diesel plants planned in Togiak, Koliganek

New diesel power plants in two Bristol Bay communities were on a list of Denali Commission projects announced alongside President Obama’s visit a month ago. Long-expected power plant projects in Togiak and Koliganek are still in early stages. Download Audio

Marshall man charged in shooting murder

A Marshall man has been arrested for killing a 62-year-old woman Monday morning. Marshall is a village of about 350 people on the lower Yukon.

Nushagak survey monitors Snag Point erosion

A drift boat outfitted with surveying equipment spent just over a week in September crisscrossing Nushagak Bay, taking depth measurements. The Army Corps of Engineers funded the survey to plot changes to the river’s channel. They’re doing so to keep an eye on coastal erosion, particularly at the site of the seawall they built at Snag Point sixteen years ago.

YKC to discuss Emperor Goose allocation, wanton waste regulation

The Yaquillrit Keutisti ("Keeper of the Birds") Council will meet Thursday to discuss regulations proposed by the Alaska Migratory Bird Co-management Council (AMBCC).

Katmai team fights invasive plants

Staff at Katmai National Park are taking steps to combat invasive plants like shepherd’s purse, common dandelion, and a legume called bird vetch.

Chignik Lagoon adjusts to life on 94% hydropower

Chignik Lagoon’s hydroelectric project has been running since spring, but it officially cut the ribbon last week. The system now provides 94 percent of the community’s energy needs, saving the town about $500 a day on fuel costs.

Obama shares smiles, salmon and dance moves in Dillingham

President Obama began his tour of Western Alaska with a stop in Bristol Bay, landing in Dillingham just before noon. While Obama had sparkling clear weather for his tour around Seward yesterday, it was drizzly and a little chilly for the duration of the Dillingham stop. No mind, say residents: that’s what fishing weather is usually like in the region, and fishing was the main thing locals wanted the President to know more about while he was in salmon country. Download Audio

Subsistence harvest of the Emperor goose to open in 2016

Next year Alaska will likely see a subsistence hunt of the Emperor Goose for the first time in 30 years. According to a report by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Emperor goose population had dropped to 42,000 due to harvest and predation by the time the species was closed to hunting in 1987.

Watzituya: Naknek’s One-Stop Shop for Nets, Coffee, Counseling

At the Watzituya net shop, Bristol Bay fishermen find a warm cup of joe and a welcoming ear. Download Audio

Naknek Museum Opens: Fishing Nostalgia & Traditional Culture On Display

The collection, housed in a refurbished 77-year-old building in downtown Naknek, features relics of the Bristol Bay fishery and traditional culture.

Port Heiden Rekindles A Culture of Reindeer Herding

Twenty-nine reindeer have arrived in Port Heiden, where the village of 100 people is re-establishing a long-dormant tradition of reindeer herding. In a few years they hope to begin harvesting the deer as a sustainable food source for the community. Now, an expert herder and his two teenage apprentices are taking on the challenges of starting a herd from scratch. Download Audio

King Salmon Sees a Unique, And Invasive, Visitor From Afar

An invasive species of dove was spotted in King Salmon Tuesday afternoon. It's the farthest west the Eurasian collared dove has been found in the U.S. Download Audio

White House “Pre-Advance” Team Visits Dillingham

A government team will tour Dillingham facilities ahead of a possible Presidential visit later this year.

Nakeen Homepack: Processing Salmon With A Little TLC

Many fishermen in Bristol Bay dream of packing and selling their own fish, but challenges. One four-year-old startup in Naknek shows how those challenges can be overcome with some grit, humor, and attention to detail. Download Audio

Katmai bear cams draw international audience of millions

Last year 16 million viewers glued their eyes to screens to watch a reality show with no dialogue, no celebrities, and hardly any humans. Download Audio:

Chignik Lagoon Hydro Project Now Operational

The long-anticipated hydroelectric project on Chignik Lagoon’s Packer Creek is now operational.

Cleveland Volcano Heating Up, says AVO

The Cleveland volcano in the east central Aleutians is showing signs of heating up. The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that increased surface temperatures and ash indicate the volcano has entered a period of unrest.

Aleutian Sockeye Finds a Market With Full Circle Farms

Aleutian sockeye has found a new niche market through the organic food delivery company Full Circle Farms.

Tradition, Fellowship and Season’s First Fish

Celebrating the first salmon of the season is a long and important tradition in Bristol Bay. Last Thursday, we turned Hannah Colton around on her way to work because we heard some boys had caught theirs on the beach and were going to take one to an elder. She followed along, and brought this report.