Henry Leasia, KHNS - Haines


Group of tourists pledges to cancel trips to Alaska if Murkowski confirms SCOTUS nominee

Prospective tourists have pledged to cancel vacations to Alaska if Senator Lisa Murkowski confirms President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. That is according to a letter sent to visitors bureaus in cities across Southeast Alaska. Listen now

Nevada man dies when commercial canoe flips in Alaska river

The body of Steven Todd Willis, 50, of North Las Vegas was pulled from the Davidson Glacier River by a Coast Guard helicopter crew. Listen now

Klukwan Community Library carries out initiative to preserve stories of tribal members

The Klukwan Community Library is carrying out an initiative to preserve the stories of tribal members. Listen now

First marijuana dispensary in Haines opens

Marijuana can now be purchased legally in Haines. Winter Greens, the borough’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, opened its doors to the public Tuesday afternoon. Listen now

Haines, Yukon forecasters collaborate on Haines Pass weather station

A new weather station is being developed to collect data for the Haines Pass. The Yukon Avalanche Association recently secured funding from the Yukon Government for the project. Listen now

Forecasters from Haines and the Yukon work together to build a weather station in the Haines Pass

A new weather station is being developed to collect data for the Haines Pass. The Yukon Avalanche Association recently secured funding from the Yukon Government for the project.

49 Voices: Bruce Gordon of Excursion Inlet

This week we're hearing from Bruce Gordon in Excursion Inlet. Gordon works as the watchman for the Ocean Beauty cannery. Listen now

UA Board of Regents discuss approval process for Chilkat Valley timber sale plans

The University of Alaska’s Board of Regents will review plans for a proposed timber sale in the Chilkat Valley. The decision on whether the board would approve the development and disposal plan for the sale was postponed at a meeting last month. Listen now

Excursion Inlet cannery ramps up frozen fish production

Excursion Inlet’s fish-processing plant is gearing up for another season. Recently, seafood processor and distributor Ocean Beauty has been reducing its canning operations while ramping up frozen fish production. Listen now

Fishermen harvest hooligan by the bucketful on the Chilkoot and Chilkat

Once again, the Chilkat and Chilkoot rivers are turning black with little fish scrambling upstream. The eulachon, commonly known as hooligan, are running in full force and all kinds of different species are loving it. Listen now

New book tells untold story of black soldiers who built the Alaska Highway

Much of the history of the Alaska Highway up to this point has overlooked the sacrifices and mistreatment of the black men involved in its construction. Dennis and Christine McClure hope to bring these issues to light in their book ‘We Fought the Road.’ Listen now

New exhibit tells little-known story of a plan to settle Jewish refugees in Alaska during WWII

As millions of people around the world are displaced from their homes, some are looking to the past for insight on the refugee crisis. A new museum exhibit in Anchorage tells the story of a plan to relocate European Jewish refugees to Alaska during World War II. Listen now

Summit emphasizes how people in recovery are fighting Alaska’s opioid epidemic

The Recovery Summit was held in Palmer and addressed efforts that had been made over the past year to improve the state's opioid epidemic. Listen now

49 Voices: William “Pops” Wilson of Wasilla

This week we're hearing from William "Pops" Wilson in Wasilla. Wilson has been fishing in the Wasilla area his whole life. Listen now

AK: Cyclists support the fight against cancer while riding from Texas to Alaska

Last week 70 cyclists completed the longest annual charity bicycle ride in the world from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. Every year the Texas 4000 raises thousands of dollars for cancer research. Listen now

Solar eclipse has stargazers excited all over the U.S.

This Monday, August 21st, states across the lower 48 will get to see a full solar eclipse, as the moon slides directly in front of the sun for roughly 2 minutes. People from all over the world are flocking to towns that will fall under the path of the moon’s shadow. Listen now

Hundreds gather at Cuddy Park for music, games and grilled fish on Alaska Wild Salmon Day

Alaska Wild Salmon Day celebrations took place across the state on August 10th. This marks the second year of the official state holiday. Listen now

Alaska Highway open after clean up of spilled oil from overturned tanker

Canadian authorities reopened the Alaska Highway last night at a point near the Rancheria Lodge in the Yukon Territory. The road is now open to single lane traffic assisted by pilot cars. Delays of 20 to 30 minutes are expected.

Anchorage Parks and Recreation builds new community garden plots to keep up with demand

Community gardens across Anchorage are buzzing with activity this summer. 12 new gardening plots have popped up in the Fairview area, built with help from a youth employment program. Listen now

Fish Creek opens for dipnetting, drawing crowds

Near Wasilla today, hundreds of salmon set to spawn in Fish Creek swam a gauntlet of dipnets after the Department of Fish and Game opened the sometimes sporadic personal-use dipnet fishery there. Listen now