Henry Leasia, KHNS - Haines

An aerial image of Angoon shows buildings on a small peninsula next to several other inlets.

Angoon school asks Coast Guard to make food delivery during ferry shutdown

In Southeast Alaska, some schools have used the Alaska Marine Highway System to transport the food from Juneau. But that's not happening now.

In Haines, ferry chaos has made medical travel costs skyrocket

When seniors need to get to Juneau for those specialized appointments they have to travel by boat or plane. If they have mobility issues that limits their transportation options.

The best snow carvers in the world right now? They’re from Skagway.

Team Alaska’s winning snow sculpture depicted a bear bursting out of the backside of a camper. (Photo courtesy of Team Alaska) A team of snow carvers from Skagway...

State charters private catamaran for stranded travelers in Haines, Skagway and Juneau

Engine trouble on the Matanuska has stranded travelers in the Upper Lynn Canal. Communities, local businesses, a state senator, and the Department of Transportation put together a scheme to get almost everyone home.

Haines Borough convenes task force to deal with roaming, dumpster-flipping bears

According to Haines Borough Police Chief Heath Scott, the department received 182 bear-related calls in 2019. That is more than double the number of bear-related calls they received the previous year.

This Southeast Alaska town has convened a task force to deal with its marauding, dumpster-flipping bears

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Management Biologist Carl Koch estimates there were 12 to 15 bears roaming Haines this fall. “You couldn’t imagine how many dumpsters were flipped," he said. "Ten to 15 dumpsters."
Three newspapers one on top of the other with the title "Skagway News"

These two Chugiak women are buying Skagway’s newspaper – for $20

Owner Larry Persily chose Gretchen Wehmhoff and Melinda Munson of Chugiak from 200 people who wanted to run Skagway's newspaper. They learned about the opportunity through an article in the Anchorage Daily News.

Fewer ferry sailings means less work for many AMHS employees

Only four of the 11 state-owned ferries are currently in service, and the limited sailing schedule not only affects passengers but ferry employees as well.

Archivist returns to Haines Sheldon Museum to assist with collections

People donate artifacts and documents to the Haines Sheldon Museum regularly, and it can be hard to find enough space for the collections.

Angoon explores transportation options as AMHS works to fix its ferry dock

The City of Angoon is looking into hiring private marine transportation to shuttle residents to and from Juneau.

State regulators reject new limits on organized events at breweries and distilleries

Brewers and distillers can now continue to host parties, classes and events such as First Friday in their tasting rooms.

Elected officials, economic groups push to deploy Tazlina amid ferry service reductions

Several communities in Southeast Alaska lost ferry service this winter when the Alaska Marine Highway System docked the M/V Leconte for expensive repairs. Now some in the region are pushing the state to deploy the M/V Tazlina to make up for the reduced sailings.

Study examines possibilities for locally controlled Northern Lynn Canal ferry service

While the study focuses on governance and management of a local ferry authority, there are numerous other questions about how to create a ferry service. For example, where would they get the ships?

New research shows juvenile rockfish boomed during “the blob”

Pacific Ocean Perch is a common species of rockfish. (Photo by Kathy Hough for NOAA) “The blob” is the ominous nickname used by fishermen and marine biologists to...

As complaints increase, Norwegian Cruise Lines agrees to pay for emissions monitoring in Skagway

Norwegian and many other cruise lines have installed “scrubbers” to help their ships comply with international emissions requirements that will be implemented next year.
The sun sets Sunday, Aug. 6, over the Chilkat River in Haines. (Photo by Emily Files, KHNS-Haines)

Hunter mauled by bear near Haines

The attack occurred near 25 mile on the Haines Highway.

Skagway to issue RFP for port development

White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad has leased the parts of the port since 1968 — now that lease is coming to an end, and the Municipality of Skagway is examining options for developing and preserving the port going forward.

Proposed state regulations could prevent brewers and distillers from hosting events

Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Board recently proposed a regulation change that would prevent breweries and distilleries from hosting social gatherings that are advertised to the public. Brewers and distillers worry what the proposal could mean for their businesses.

Haines water department works to keep water flowing from Lily Lake amid drought

Dry weather and low snowpack have reduced the amount of water in Lily Lake to historically low levels this summer. The lake is one of the main drinking water sources for Haines.

Ferry strike disrupts travel to and from Southeast Alaska State Fair

Some visitors who arrived in Haines on the ferry before the strike began are stuck. But some regional transportation services and tour companies are trying to pick up the slack.