Isabelle Ross, KDLG - Dillingham


Joining villages across the state, Bristol Bay communities restrict travel to stem disease spread

Newhalen, New Stuyahok, Igiugig and Perryville have all suspended travel for non-community members until further notice.

Upheaval between health corporation and tribe in Bristol Bay stirs healthcare worries

The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation held a public meeting Tuesday to discuss its healthcare services in Dillingham. The meeting came several months after the Curyung Tribe said it was withdrawing from BBAHC because of its concerns about patient care and the corporation’s administration.

LISTEN: Bristol Bay celebrates Slaviq, or Orthodox Christmas

Parishioners carry the star from house to house and community to community. That tradition has changed over the years, as dog-sleds were replaced by snow-gos, which were eventually replaced by air travel.

At Pacific Marine Expo, Pebble worries dominate discussion

Over 500 vendors exhibited at the 2019 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle in late November — the place to be for commercial fishermen, processors and small businesses.

Dillingham woman is a semi-finalist to name celestial bodies after rivers in Bristol Bay

The International Astronomical Union is holding a competition to give the two a name — with the public casting votes through November 14 for the top three finalists. One of the 10 semi-finalists is a member of the Curyung Tribal Council in Dillingham.

Unprecedented summer heat sparks caribou, climate concerns for Bristol Bay Subsistence Council

At a Bristol Bay Regional Subsistence Advisory meeting, all members expressed concern for subsistence resources in the region following this year’s hot, dry summer.

Dillingham’s new Moravian Church opens its doors

Congregation members singing at the opening service in Dillingham's new Moravian Church, Sept. 29, 2019. CREDIT ISABELLE ROSS/KDLG Members of Dillingham’s Moravian congregation crowd into the main room of...

Learning Yup’ik on the go: a new language app for Bristol Bay

People learning Yup’ik now have another way to practice — a new Yup’ik language app aiming to help them develop their skills outside the classroom. The goal is to revitalize the language in Bristol Bay.

Federal board considers restricting Mulchatna caribou harvest

The Mulchatna herd was only half of the minimum population objective this year. Now a proposal to reduce federal subsistence harvest limits is on the table.

Salmon shark stranded near Port Heiden at the end of an unusual summer

Along with significant seabird die-offs near Port Heiden, there have been reports of small whales and porpoises, walrus and sea otters washed up on shore.

Bristol Bay is outgrowing its wastewater infrastructure. Could a fish tax help fix it?

The controversial tax could generate about $3.5 million a year — but processors and fishermen say it would stress the industry even more.

At 56.5 million fish, Bristol Bay’s 2019 salmon season smashes expectations

At $306.5 million, the preliminary exvessel value for the salmon season is the highest in the fishery’s history.

BBNC to acquire two giants of Alaska’s Pacific cod fishery

To organize the two companies, BBNC has formed the subsidiary Bristol Bay Alaska Seafoods. The U.S. Department of Justice paved the way for the merger last week by ruling that it did not violate any antitrust rules.

Offal Fire moving away from Port Heiden

A volunteer was sent to a hospital in Anchorage last night due to smoke inhalation. The crew was able to put out the southern and middle portions of the fire with heavy equipment.

Volunteers remain hopeful, as Levelock Fire reaches 5% containment

Emergency firefighters and local volunteers are still working to suppress a 5,000-acre fire near Levelock. The fire has been burning since Sunday night, and residents are finally beginning to see improvements.

Curyung Tribe to leave BBAHC

The tribe said it decided to withdraw, in part, due to issues with patient care and the health corporation's insufficient response to their concerns. The earliest effective date for the withdrawal is May 2020.

Igiugig’s hydropower launch a major step toward independence from diesel

In Igiugig, a first-of-its-kind hydrokinetic generator is getting a year-long trial. The launch last week marked a major step in the community’s quest for independence from diesel.

USPS features Bristol Bay’s Tlikakila River in national stamp collection

The United States Postal Service Tuesday announced a new stamp series of 12 Wild and Scenic Rivers from around the country. The Tlikakila River in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is part of the series.

Former Naknek Electric Association manager sentenced for embezzling over $500,000

Donna Vukich, 60, was sentenced to almost three years in prison for misappropriating funds from the utility. Federal authorities said this is the largest embezzlement from an organization receiving federal funds ever prosecuted in Alaska.

Judge dismisses Pebble-funded lawsuit against BBRSDA

In a legal victory, a Superior Court judge Friday dismissed a Pebble-backed lawsuit against Bristol Bay's regional seafood development association.