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Boatbuilder sentenced for defrauding 22 customers, including Village of Igiugig

Michael Dismer received more than $4 million from customers but he never fully delivered on his promises, instead spending much of the money on personal expenses.

‘It’s very emotional’: Chignik residents fear for their communities’ future if abysmal salmon runs persist

Chignik residents are questioning how long their community can survive if low salmon runs persist. "How can the state let this happen?" said 80-year-old Elder Vivian Brandal. "I have grandchildren that thought this was their legacy."
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Bristol Bay likely experiencing widespread community transmission of COVID-19

There has been a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the Dillingham area since the middle of the month.
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Record-high Copper River prices boost market optimism ahead of the Bristol Bay fishery

Pre-season prices were sky-high for salmon from early fisheries like Copper River, and some in the industry are optimistic about what this summer has in store, despite low returns to one of the state’s earliest fisheries.
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On Dillingham trip, Murkowski pushes permanent protections for Bristol Bay

Murkowski said the best way to ensure long-term protections is for Congress to pass a law. Earlier this year, regional and statewide groups opposed to Pebble put forward several options for protecting the area.
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Less than half of expected sockeye have returned to Copper River so far this year

The department of Fish and Game said commercial harvest is the fourth lowest to date in the last 50 years. The commercial fishery has only opened three times so far this season.
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Frustration mounts as CDC keeps face mask rules for commercial fishing crews

The CDC and Coast Guard require fishermen wear masks when on board the boat, but many argue that makes communication difficult and creates safety risks.
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Red Cross honors Igiugig woman for helping light runway during late-night medevac

Ida Nelson says lighting up the runway is just another example of the community coming together. "It’s something that we in Igiugig do constantly, like almost every day.”
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For years, Aleknagik’s 911 calls have gone through the Dillingham police. That’s finally changed.

Aleknagik residents have reported difficulties summoning help in emergencies, and nearby Dillingham officials no longer want to be caught in the middle. Now, the police department’s long-standing practice of fielding 911 calls from outside city limits is ending.
A red salmon in the water

Big sockeye runs, struggling kings creates complicated balancing act for Bristol Bay managers

Faced with another huge sockeye run this summer, managers in the Nushagak District say they will try to allow fishermen to harvest the above-average sockeye run that's predicted and also conserve chinook.
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Gillnetters will get first shot at record-forecast of Togiak herring

While the forecast is the highest it's been under current prediction methods, the fleet of vessels taking part is smaller than ever, which creates risks and opportunities for fishers.

In a single day, Dillingham clinic vaccinates almost 20 percent of community

Almost twenty percent of Dillingham was vaccinated against COVID-19 last Saturday alone.
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Struggling Southwest Alaska seafood processor hopes to come back stronger under new ownership

So when its owner, Japanese seafood giant Maruha Nichiro, initially announced its sale of Peter Pan to three buyers, it said it expected a loss of almost $28 million.
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LISTEN: Bristol Bay communities sing for Orthodox Christmas

Slavii is a Russian Orthodox celebration observed by many in Southwest Alaska.
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One man dead, another missing, in Chignik Lake boating accident

One man died and another is missing after a boat capsized in Chignik Lake Saturday afternoon, according to a dispatch from Alaska State Troopers.
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Goodnews Bay wants to test travelers, but limited supplies pose a problem

Goodnews health clinic isn’t allowed to give rapid tests to people just because they have traveled, even though the village has a testing requirement for travelers.
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Pebble CEO Tom Collier resigns

The news comes following the release of recordings with an "investor" in which CEO Tom Collier appeared to contradict the company's public statements and downplayed Alaska's senators' doubts about the project.
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Rural census workers rush to meet shortened deadline

The U.S. Census Bureau shortened its count by a month, leaving rural areas - some of which have just 30% of residents counted - scrambling to complete a count.

Workers headed to a Naknek cannery forced to quarantine in L.A. hotel without pay, lawsuit says

On the day they were supposed to travel to Naknek, the results for three of the workers came back positive. All 150 of the workers were told they had to quarantine for an additional 11 days, the complaint alleges.

Bristol Bay, on edge as it heads into fishing season, has its first resident coronavirus case

The first Alaskan from the Bristol Bay-Lake and Peninsula region has tested positive for COVID-19. The state has not disclosed which community they are from because it has less than 1,000 residents.