Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska - Juneau

Jacob Resneck is the regional director with CoastAlaska in Juneau.

Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate Theophany on icy Kuskokwim

Russian Orthodox parishioners gathered in Bethel Jan. 19 to observe the Russian Orthodox holy day of Theophany.

Cruise lines, Juneau still at odds over passenger fee ruling

Cruise industry attorneys are asking a federal judge to define more precisely what the City and Borough of Juneau can — and can’t — spend its passenger fees on. The judge recently ruled passenger fees can only be spent on services to vessels. The city may appeal the ruling.

Last year, local governments shelled out $2.6 million for ‘ears on the ground’ in Alaska’s capital

At least $2.6 million in public money went to state lobbyists in 2018. That’s Alaska cities, boroughs and school districts hiring private contractors to represent them in the state capital.

Cruise industry’s victory over Juneau has implications for other port communities

This year’s record cruise ship season brought in $21.6 million in state passenger fees that will be mostly shared with coastal communities. But the cruise industry’s recent victory in a lawsuit against Juneau has implications on how port communities can spend their share.

Hecla Greens Creek wants to close mine to hunters

The Hecla Greens Creek Mine is asking the Board of Game to ban hunting near its mine facility southwest of Juneau, saying hunters are endangering its workers.

Coastal House lawmakers push for bipartisan coalition

Ten state lawmakers — including two moderate Republicans — say they won’t aid Republicans in taking control of Alaska’s narrowly divided House of Representatives.

Alaska’s top forester talks timber in Southeast

Dave Schmid is tasked with managing over 22 million acres of federal land. Asked about the balancing act required for managing public lands, he spoke of his office’s commitment to all facets of Southeast Alaska’s economy, including timber.

Hoonah’s Icy Strait Point plans new dock for megaships

Hoonah is on track to add a second, larger cruise ship dock to accommodate the growing number of megaships visiting Southeast Alaska.

Diocese of Juneau taps panel to investigate claims of sexual misconduct

The Roman Catholic Church’s historic archives in Southeast Alaska will be opened to an independent panel investigating allegations of sexual misconduct by church personnel, the Diocese of Juneau announced Wednesday.

This Alaskan crossed the Bering Sea in an eight-foot dinghy. Russia wants to send him back.

Packed with provisions, John W, Martin III floated down the Tanana and Yukon rivers with the aim of reaching China. He ended up in Russia’s Far East and is writing a book about his experiences.

Hydro One’s Avista merger unraveling over Ontario’s political meddling

Regulators in Washington state have blocked the acquisition of Alaska Electric Light & Power’s parent company by a Canadian utility. AEL&P serves about 17,000 homes and businesses in Juneau.

Ruling limits how Juneau can spend cruise passenger fees

A federal judge rules Juneau city officials spent marine passenger fees too freely. The ruling upholds the constitutionality of collecting fees but constrains their future use.

Human rights complaint filed over transboundary mining in British Columbia

Southeast Alaska tribes say pollution from Canadian mines is violating their human rights. They’re calling on a D.C.-based human rights commission to investigate.

Dunleavy names new Alaska Fish and Game chief

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has tapped Doug Vincent-Lang to be the acting head of Fish and Game. The announcement came Monday afternoon just hours after Dunleavy was sworn in.

PFD promise key to Dunleavy’s win in Hoonah

Mike Dunleavy won an electoral majority in 6 of 132 precincts with an Alaska Native majority. One was Hoonah, where the Republican’s promise of full Permanent Fund dividends apparently resonated with voters.

Alaska’s governor-elect makes key appointments

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s cabinet is taking shape with several key positions announced Monday. Only one has worked for a state government.

Fast ferry returns to Lynn Canal for the holidays

The Fairweather will make runs between Juneau, Haines and Skagway, while the Malaspina is scheduled to make runs to Hoonah and Gustavus.

AK: Meet the Socialist Rifle Association

Some progressive gun owners say they’re put off by the NRA’s rhetoric and politics. Enter the “Socialist Rifle Association.”

British Columbia steps in over Tulsequah Chief Mine cleanup

The Canadian mine was developed in the early 20th century, then abandoned in 1957.

Gold exploration near Herbert Glacier excites investors

Enthusiasm over drilling test results caused Grande Portage Resources stock to rally temporarily. Financial filings infer as much as $400 million worth of gold on claims near Herbert Glacier. Listen now