Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska - Juneau

Jacob Resneck is the regional director with CoastAlaska in Juneau.

Human rights complaint filed over transboundary mining in British Columbia

Southeast Alaska tribes say pollution from Canadian mines is violating their human rights. They’re calling on a D.C.-based human rights commission to investigate.

Dunleavy names new Alaska Fish and Game chief

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has tapped Doug Vincent-Lang to be the acting head of Fish and Game. The announcement came Monday afternoon just hours after Dunleavy was sworn in.

PFD promise key to Dunleavy’s win in Hoonah

Mike Dunleavy won an electoral majority in 6 of 132 precincts with an Alaska Native majority. One was Hoonah, where the Republican’s promise of full Permanent Fund dividends apparently resonated with voters.

Alaska’s governor-elect makes key appointments

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s cabinet is taking shape with several key positions announced Monday. Only one has worked for a state government.

Fast ferry returns to Lynn Canal for the holidays

The Fairweather will make runs between Juneau, Haines and Skagway, while the Malaspina is scheduled to make runs to Hoonah and Gustavus.

AK: Meet the Socialist Rifle Association

Some progressive gun owners say they’re put off by the NRA’s rhetoric and politics. Enter the “Socialist Rifle Association.”

British Columbia steps in over Tulsequah Chief Mine cleanup

The Canadian mine was developed in the early 20th century, then abandoned in 1957.

Gold exploration near Herbert Glacier excites investors

Enthusiasm over drilling test results caused Grande Portage Resources stock to rally temporarily. Financial filings infer as much as $400 million worth of gold on claims near Herbert Glacier. Listen now

Fairweather gets reprieve in draft ferry schedule

The MV Fairweather would make three runs a week up Lynn Canal, plus a weekly run to Sitka. Its sister ship has been tied up since 2015 due to cost-cutting. Listen now

Feds sue to recover cost of M/V Challenger cleanup

The federal government is suing to recover more than $2.5 million spent cleaning up a World War II-era tugboat that sank in Juneau’s Gastineau Channel.

Juneau’s Jesse Kiehl wins Alaska Senate seat in District Q

Independent candidate Don Etheridge conceded the race for Senate District Q to Democratic opponent Jesse Kiehl late Tuesday night.

Alaska urges British Columbia to toughen mining standards

The Walker administration is using its final weeks in office to push for tougher mine rules across the border in British Columbia. The province is in the midst of reviewing its mine reclamation laws. Listen now

Feds propose Tongass old growth timber sale

This latest proposed Tongass timber sale on Prince of Wales Island would dwarf anything seen in decades. The public has until mid-December to lodge objections with the U.S. Forest Service. Listen now

AK: The haunting of Alaskan Hotel’s Room 315

Juneau's historic Alaskan Hotel has a reputation of being haunted. Listen now

Marine pilots put megaships to the test in Southeast Alaska

Some of the largest cruise ships in the world will be making regular port calls in Southeast Alaska in 2019. Before they arrive, Southeast marine pilots are running simulations to assess their performance through narrow straits and rough weather. Listen now

Alaska tribes, health organizations join opioid suit

Alaska Natives are fatally overdosing from opioids at a higher rate than other groups. Now Alaska Native tribes and health organizations are joining a sprawling federal lawsuit against the prescription drug industry. Listen now

B.C. tribe sues U.S. barge company over 2016 spill

A Canadian tribe seeks damages from a U.S. barge company over a 2016 fuel spill in B.C. waters. The tribe claims the accident demonstrates the risk posed by fuel shipments to Alaska via the Inland Passage. Listen now

Red Mountain B.C. gold mine nears approval

Critics worry about long-term storage of tailings upstream from Portland Canal. Listen now

Roadless advocates pack Tongass hearing

Gov. Walker’s advisory panel is looking at where roads could be built inside the Tongass National Forest. But more than two dozen people testified at a hearing in Juneau against the idea. Listen now

Gov. Walker’s ‘roadless rule’ panel takes shape

Timber, fishing and mining interests have been tapped by Gov. Walker for an advisory panel over development in the Tongass National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service is eyeing an Alaska-specific rule that could relax road building and logging restrictions. Listen now