Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska - Juneau

Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska - Juneau
Jacob Resneck is CoastAlaska's regional news director in Juneau.

Federal warnings against cruises rattle Alaska travel industry

“Don’t get on a cruise ship.” That was the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday....

Alaska lawmakers seek oversight over ferry fleet’s fate

A three-line piece of legislation would prohibit the state from selling, transferring or disposing of a state ferry without express approval by lawmakers.

Dunleavy names nine to ferries working group

A former Coast Guard admiral and pipeline executive will head Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s advisory group on the state ferry system.

Push begins in the Legislature to restore ferry service

House lawmakers have taken a first step to bolster funding to the Alaska Marine Highway System.

Governor seeks to replace independent Ocean Rangers cruise ship monitors with state-run inspections

Those independent monitors — called Ocean Rangers — are part of a program created by a 2006 ballot initiative that Alaska voters passed overwhelmingly.

From Ketchikan to Unalaska, a day of protests, anxiety and anger over a dysfunctional ferry system

Hundreds of people rallied around the state Tuesday to restore the Alaska Marine Highway System’s regional ferry service. The fleet has been largely idle since the last mainliner in service broke down last month.

Alaska Marine Highway shuts down regional service till March

Three ferries dock at the Ketchikan Shipyard for repairs and upgrades in 2012. All ships would tie up by early July if the Legislature does not reach a budget compromise. (Ed...

Dunleavy administration seeks $12.5 million for struggling ferries

The governor’s chief of staff Ben Stevens says the executive is asking the Legislature for extra money to continue work on Alaska Marine Highway System ferries currently out of service for upgrades and repairs.

State eyes private ferries for Angoon, Hoonah and Kake

The state is seeking to fill gaps in Southeast Alaska ferry service using a private charter company. It’s given potential operators less than 24 hours to answer its Monday call for interest.

Camped in staterooms, stranded ferry passengers are prisoners of the state’s hospitality

When the last of the Alaska Marine Highway System mainliners broke down in Juneau last weekend, the state chartered a pair of private catamarans to get most of the Matanuska’s passengers to their destinations. But more than two dozen people with cars and trucks remain stranded.

Shee Atiká offloads most of its land in $18.3 million deal

The federal government is finalizing the buyback of heavily logged forest lands on Admiralty Island from Shee Atiká, Sitka’s urban Native corporation.

Justices question restrictions on Alaska Native corporation shareholders’ free speech

The case was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska to test the limits of the state’s power to regulate free speech in corporate elections.

Coastal communities relate ferry woes to House lawmakers

They were invited by House lawmakers who held Tuesday’s hearing — the first day of the legislative session — to galvanize support for the Alaska Marine Highway System.

ACLU asks Alaska Supreme Court to extend free speech rights to shareholders in Native corporation board elections

The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska says the state’s financial regulator is chilling voices critical of Native corporations. Now, the Alaska Supreme Court is set to hear a legal challenge that could decide how much power the state has to police shareholders’ speech.

Privatize Alaska ferries? ‘Not feasible,’ Dunleavy administration consultants say

Gov. Dunleavy has floated the idea of privatizing the system, but a report that's been under wraps for months concludes it doesn't make sense.

Bureau of Indian Affairs proposes rule to recognize new Alaska tribes

Unrecognized tribes in Alaska seeking federal status will have to demonstrate more than 80 years of history, under a new process proposed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

For Alaska Native shareholders, criticism on Facebook during board elections can trigger state fines

State regulators will fine some Alaska Native corporation shareholders over their criticism on social media. That’s because free speech is not protected when it comes to corporate elections.

Body ID’d as missing Kake woman; troopers investigate homicide

A woman from the Southeast Alaska community of Kake who vanished a year ago has been found dead on the Kenai Peninsula.

Fire at BC fish farm releases thousands of Atlantic salmon

Finfish aquaculture is currently outlawed in Alaska.

Researchers, marine pilots work to prevent vessel strikes from killing Alaska whales

A group of federal researchers and marine pilots are teaming up to combine scientists' knowledge of whale behavior with marine pilots' experience with ships.