Jeremy Hsieh, KTOO - Juneau

Jeremy Hsieh is the deputy managing editor of the KTOO newsroom in Juneau. He’s a podcast fiend who’s worked in journalism since high school as a reporter, editor and television producer. He ran Gavel Alaska for 360 North from 2011 to 2016, and is big on experimenting with novel tools and mediums (including the occasional animated gif) to tell stories and demystify the news. Jeremy’s an East Coast transplant who moved to Juneau in 2008.

Friends and colleagues remember Dennis Egan: ‘the best curmudgeon around’

Dennis Egan was well-known and well-liked for his fairness, gruff voice and mischievous personality.
The side of a large cruise ship, with passengers visible on balconies and walkways.

Travelers say staff shortages and COVID-19 outbreaks are spoiling their Alaska cruises

Experienced cruisers want the public to know that lots of passengers are getting infected, and they’re left in the dark about outbreaks on board.
a cruise ship docked by water

Body of missing swimmer found in Skagway

Alaska State Troopers say a man from Miami died in Skagway after going for a swim Friday afternoon in front of a docked cruise ship. Troopers identified the man as 32-year-old William Anthony Rodriguez. They...
Passengers leaving a cruise ship

Cruise ships report a lot of COVID data to the authorities, but very little of the information is public

Most cruise ships participating in the CDC's COVID cruise ship program are in the orange category. That could mean a handful of people are sick, or hundreds.
a plane

Delta is resuming year-round service to Juneau (again)

Delta’s booking site shows flights will continue after Labor Day with a somewhat smaller, lower capacity Airbus plane.
A woman stands at a podium

Ketanji Brown Jackson will not headline Alaska lawyers’ convention

Jackson had committed back in December to headline the bar association’s annual convention.
People wait in line for a gondola

Shipping a gondola system from Austria to Juneau will cost more than double the initial estimate

On Wednesday, the Juneau Assembly narrowly approved spending an extra $500,000 to bring the gondola to Juneau.

Juneau’s anti-war message to Vladivostok is stuck in delivery limbo

Juneau’s elected officials have an anti-war message for sister city Vladivostok. But figuring out how to deliver it is its own challenge.
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson speaking from behind a lectern

US Supreme Court nominee could be keynote speaker at Alaska lawyers’ convention

Before her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson committed to headline the Alaska Bar Association’s annual convention. 
A cat looks out the window

A man threatened to kill himself. Juneau police shot at him, and hit two nearby homes instead.

State and local authorities say they're investigating the shooting.
A white woman in a pink coat speaks with a microphone

Watch: Sen. Lisa Murkowski addresses Alaska Legislature at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Lisa Murkowski is Alaska’s senior senator, serving since late 2002. She typically takes questions from state lawmakers on the floor after her address.
EV charging stations outside a Fred Meyer in the snow. A raven perches on a stop sign in the background.

Alaska electric utilities are proposing new rates for fast charging stations for electric cars

In the Alaska community with one of the highest electric vehicle ownership rates in the country, there are just four publicly available fast charging stations.
A man in a suit walks down a hallway.

WATCH: Gov. Dunleavy set to deliver State of the State address

Our partners at KTOO are streaming the State of the State address live at 7 p.m.
Snowboarders and skiiers line up for the lift.

No one earns less than minimum wage at Eaglecrest Ski Area anymore

All Eaglecrest employees got a pay bump. So far this season, the ski area has had record revenue.
A person's bear arms with an IV drip coming from the window

Omicron wave prompts rationing of COVID medications in Alaska

With fewer monoclonal antibody treatments available that work with the omicron variant, it's tough for Alaskans to find treatment if they find themselves sick with COVID-19.
A collapsed building.

No injuries after two buildings’ roofs collapse in Juneau

The roofs of at least two buildings in Juneau have failed, apparently due to heavy snow loads. Emergency responders confirmed both buildings were vacant.
Packages of disposable face masks for sale at a grocery store.

Juneau’s indoor mask mandate is back amid latest COVID-19 surge

People in Juneau must mask up in indoor public spaces again. Masks must also be worn in outdoor public spaces when it’s crowded. 
Sign that reads "COVID-19 Test Kits"

What Alaska’s move to more at-home COVID tests and fewer lab tests means for managing the pandemic

Home test kit results aren’t necessarily captured in state pandemic data, which impacts other public health systems officials have been using to manage the pandemic.
People stand in line outside at a ski area.

Juneau’s Eaglecrest Ski Area is having a really tough time with staffing this year

Labor shortages, especially for low-paying jobs, have been common this past year across many industries. On the mountain in Juneau, starting pay for lift operators, food service workers and others is below the state minimum wage.

COVID testing at Alaska airports to end after Jan. 31

The service is currently available at airports across the state. Earlier on in the pandemic, the state mandated testing for people coming to Alaska from out of state. At the end of April, testing became optional.