Jeremy Hsieh, KTOO - Juneau

Jeremy Hsieh, KTOO - Juneau
Jeremy Hsieh is the deputy managing editor of the KTOO newsroom in Juneau. He’s a podcast fiend who’s worked in journalism since high school as a reporter, editor and television producer. He ran Gavel Alaska for 360 North from 2011 to 2016, and is big on experimenting with novel tools and mediums (including the occasional animated gif) to tell stories and demystify the news. Jeremy’s an East Coast transplant who moved to Juneau in 2008.
Campaign signs rest upside down against a white pickup truck

Impounded campaign signs highlight new interpretation of Alaska’s old billboard law

The Department of Transportation is enforcing a state law that forbids posting most signs in its right of way along state roads.
Blue fabric bozes on rollers

Why some people appear to vote twice in Alaska’s election data

A "data hobbyist" says he found scores of examples of people voting more than once. But the Division of Elections says none of those votes were counted.
A woman in a white suit holds a blue surgical mask.

After 9 people are infected, Juneau urges all bar-goers to get tested

Juneau officials say that anyone who has been in any Juneau bar over the last week should get tested for COVID-19.
Two boys play with toys on a table at a home. One boy is weraing a blue train shirt and is giving a thumbs up.

Policymakers at a loss for child care solutions as Juneau schools start remote

When the Juneau school district recently surveyed parents with school children, more than a third said they’re likely or highly likely to leave their kids home alone.

Family’s lawyers claim recording shows Juneau officer planned fatal shooting

Attorneys for the family of a man fatally shot by a Juneau police officer last December are highlighting audio of the officer talking to himself before the shooting. The attorneys argue that what the officer says shows the officer’s state of mind and indicates that killing Kelly Stephens was planned.
Two people carry luggage towards the sliding glass doors under an awning at the Juneau Airport

Juneau officials move toward more predictable COVID-19 response

Basically, the idea is when conditions worsen, restrictions would automatically tighten. When conditions improve, restrictions would automatically relax.
A photograph of the Juneau School District offices.

Juneau’s school year to start with no in-person classes

The Juneau School District offices. (Photo by Heather Bryant/KTOO) The Juneau School District will begin on Aug. 24 with no in-person instruction. Juneau School District...

What does this Juneau “poop pumping” sign even mean?

The answer involves heavy duty bags and helicopters.
Juneau assembly zoom

Juneau Assembly considers systemic racism review committee

The assemblymember who introduced the ordinance says he envisions a panel of experts in social justice.

No cruise ship of tourists, no tourism, right? Not quite.

While it's scaled down, business owners are still finding tourists to serve - just not the same hoards of cruise ship passengers.

Why Alaska’s COVID-19 airport screening lines might be skipped or unstaffed

A nurse consultant with the Division of Public Health says that testers will often leave their posts if there are no out-of-state flights scheduled to arrive.

Sealaska Heritage honors longtime Juneau photographer Brian Wallace

Sealaska Heritage Institute gave Brian Wallace a heads up the other day to make sure he was watching the television coverage of Celebration.

To ease shortage, Juneau Assembly poised to commit $1M to child care providers

The city is planning to give a subsidy worth half of what childcare providers would get if they were at capacity, up to $500 per month.

Byron Mallott: ‘My friend, we also have lived life fully, made a few contributions’

Mallott is best known to the public for his role as Lieutenant Governor, but he has had profound influence on the state through his decades of work with the Permanent Fund Corporation and his instrumental role in negotiating a revenue-sharing piece of the 1971 ANCSA legislation.

Juneau Airport Board may leave millions of dollars of CARES Act funding unspent

The Juneau Airport Board’s decision last Thursday to put its share of CARES Act funding into operations, and nothing for big-ticket capital construction, means Juneau may be forgoing millions of dollars.

The coronavirus pandemic is shifting Alaska’s telehealth expansion into overdrive

Telehealth had been steadily expanding in Alaska for years, but fewer regulations during the coronavirus have allowed it to boom.

Applications flood in for Juneau small business loans in first 24 hours

Small businesses could be eligible for up to $50,000

Port of Seattle suspends cruise ship season “until the resolution of the public health emergency.”

The Port of Seattle made a decision to suspend its cruise ship season earlier this week, but cruise ships were already banned from sailing after Canada shut its ports earlier this month.

How well does hunkering down work? Time will tell.

Alaska’s chief medical officer and an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say more evidence is coming that will inform policymakers’ public health mandates.

City officials mandate many travelers to Juneau quarantine themselves for 14 days

Beginning Monday, many travelers coming to Juneau will be mandated to self-quarantine for 14 days.