John Norris


In My Family: I am fine

Ethan Petticrew teaches Raven how to say, I AM FINE in UNANGAX.

In My Family: How are you?

Dewey Hoffman teaches Raven how to say, HOW ARE YOU? in the Denakk'e - Koyukon Athabascan language.

Kendo’s Cuisine

The list of restaurants Kendo Shine has cooked in is staggering. From diners to Mongolian BBQ to fine dining, Kendo has been around the culinary world a few times, but he truly found a home when he bought a small trailer and started cooking, what he calls, Kendo-style food in Anchorage's industrial area.

I am a Craftsman

) Mark Gould is one of the last coopers. The craft of barrel-building is quickly fading, but Gould has pursued it as a full-time job for the last 15 years. Through coopering and promoting Alaskan resources, Gould has found a passion and a guiding philosophy.

I am a Ski Builder

Will Spears is a dedicated ski bum. After growing up on the slopes of North Carolina, Spears decided to look for something a little steeper and shortly found himself in Alaska.

In My Family: I’m Happy

Sage Worl teaches Raven how to say I'm Happy in the Tlingit language.

In My Family: I Love You

Ethan Petticrew teaches Raven how to say, "I Love You" in his Alaskan Native language. Ethans's family speaks Unangax.

In My Family: Drum

Sage Worl teaches Raven how to say the word, "drum" in his Alaskan Native language.

Unique Blends Barber Shop

Unique Blends has been serving Anchorage's east side for years and has built a strong clientele based on their high standards. Beyond haircuts, the shop has also become a hub for Anchorage's diverse community.

We Are Mountain Runners

Ellyn Brown and Matias Saari are two of the most well known athletes in the Alaska mountain running community. Both runners have won Alaska's toughest races, but will tell you they measure their success not by races won, but by how much time they get to spend running.

I Inherited a Sled Dog Team

Elijah Goodfarm's father came to Alaska with the dream of mushing across the state, but would die shortly after arriving. After his father's death, Goodfarm packed up his life and took his father's place taking care of his 36 dog kennel.

I am a Musk Ox Farmer

Musk Ox Farm Director Mark Austin is responsible for the largest (and possibly only), modern domestication experiment. For a number of years, he has been raising musk ox in the Mat-Su Valley.

In My Family, the Word for Tasty is…

Raven asks his friend Lydia Foster how to say "it's tasty" in her family's language.

In my Family, the Word for Boat is…

Raven asks his friend Ethan Petticrew to teach him how to say "boat" in his family's language.