Johanna Eurich, KYUK - Anchorage

Johanna Eurich is a contributor for the Alaska Public Radio Network.
A mottled green and purple salmon swims up the water with most of its back exposed.

Chum runs on Kuskokwim River are late and low

Usually Aug. 7 is the midpoint of the coho run, but this year it was not until Aug. 8 that numbers at the Bethel test fishery increased, and then only modestly.
A mottled green and purple salmon swims up the water with most of its back exposed.

Low salmon numbers close subsistence fishing on the Yukon

Fall chum numbers are so low that managers have closed subsistence fishing on the lower Yukon.
A mottled green and purple salmon swims up the water with most of its back exposed.

Poor chum numbers recorded on Yukon

Subsistence fishing openings in the lower Yukon River are being cut in half to help more fall chum salmon swim into Canada.

Late, slow Yukon River salmon run prompts processor Kwik’Pak to pack up

The Yukon River processor says that after spending extra to bring staff to Emmonak during the pandemic, the fish never showed up.

Using the wind and mosquitoes as signs, elders predict late salmon run in Yukon-Kuskokwim region

Elders say the size of mosquitoes, the distribution of birds, and the wind direction are pointing to a later king run than usual, but with bigger kings.

Pandemic strains management of Yukon River salmon

Biologists have to figure out how to monitor salmon populations in rural communities without the danger of bringing the coronavirus into those communities.

‘Pure gold, a true fisherman’: Venerated Yukon-Kuskokwim elder remembered

Peter Moore was known for his humor and leadership during his 87 years.

Yup’ik literacy reaches new heights in spelling bee

Before it began, it already looked like it might take a while, because there were more contestants than ever in the Yup’ik Spelling Bee for Beginners. But no one thought it would take four hours to narrow the field down to the winners.

So far, seals are adapting to shrinking sea ice

Ice seals thought to be most affected by the disappearance of arctic sea ice seem to be doing well, according to data presented at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium last week.

Newtok is on the move

It’s taken more than 20 years, but the Newtok relocation effort is going into hyperdrive this summer, with construction planned for the community center, infrastructure, residences and more.

Col. Wayne Don’s $15M challenge

The National Native American Veterans Memorial will stand on the Mall in Washington, D.C., and is designed to teach people about the role Native Americans have played in the military throughout the nation’s history.

Fewer summer chum and kings in Yukon than predicted

Fewer summer chum salmon and king salmon swam up the Yukon River than expected this season. Listen now

Getting Alaska’s smallest communities on the phone to vote

Alaska election officials are looking for help in some of the state’s tiniest communities to provide assistance to register and inform voters in their Native language about the ballot and elections. But sometimes the phone call for help doesn’t find any… leaving few options.

Athletes give it their all Native Youth Olympics

Anyone will tell you that strength is not enough. Skill, form, technique and concentration will win the day in most sports, including the Native Youth Olympics (NYO). Listen now

State to replace Accu-Vote machines

The State of Alaska is on target to provide election materials in Alaska’s Native languages in order to meet a court-ordered deadline in a voting rights case. Listen now

During NTSB investigative hearing, Ravn announces changes; more to come

The fatal Ravn Air crash near Togiak last fall was the focus of the investigative hearing held by the National Transportation Safety Board in Anchorage on Thursday. Listen now
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Nunapitchuk VPO shot in Napaskiak

Alcohol appears to be at the center of the shooting death of an off-duty Nunapitchuk Village Police Officer (VPO) in Napaskiak. Listen now

Annual Yup’ik spelling bee connects identity and culture in young spellers

Competition was tough and quick during the Yup’ik Spelling Bee this weekend in Anchorage. Even with four schools from two school districts, competition quickly became a battle between the former champ Daniel Ayaginag Hunter from Nunam Iqua and contenders in Kotlik. Listen now

Funding for opioid overdose kits offers “hope” for Alaska’s drug epidemic

The state government is gearing up for a major battle against the opioid epidemic sweeping through Alaska. Listen now

Proposed Donlin Gold mine runs afoul of the Iditarod dog mushing community

The historic Iditarod Trail took center stage during a meeting held by the Army Corps of Engineers Tuesday on the proposed Donlin Gold mine. The route has been changed, but not far enough to suit some longtime mushers. Listen Now