June Leffler, KSTK - Wrangell


Grassroots group restores creeks in Southeast

The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition recently trudged through one of Wrangell’s streams to improve fish passage. It’s one of many projects throughout Southeast to give salmon a helping hand.

Gov. Dunleavy eliminates funding for low income Senior Benefits Program

Alaska’s low-income seniors stand to lose cash assistance from the state. That’s following Governor Mike Dunleavy’s line item veto eliminating about $20.8 million for the Senior Benefits payment Program.

With 12 gray whale deaths in Alaska waters, biologists race to find the cause

Biologists in Southeast Alaska are racing to examine a wave of whale carcasses to try and find what’s killing gray whales up and down the Pacific Coast. Nearly 170 have been reported triggering NOAA Fisheries to launch an investigation.
Wrangell’s mayor. Steve Prysunka. circulated this image on social media. It shows the lack of water running into Wrangell’s reservoirs. (Photo Courtesy of City of Wrangell)

Rain a respite for Southeast water conservation measures

“If you've got to wash your car, wash your boat, please feel free to do that while the reservoirs are spilling over right now,” Wrangell City Manager Lisa Von Bargen says.
A gray whale carcass was found near Wrangell Island. (Photo courtesy and of Ceona Koch)

Dead gray whale near Wrangell located and secured

The discovery is important as it will allow federal scientists to study it before decomposition sets in.

In a rainforest, Southeast Alaska towns face extreme drought

Believe it or not… one of the worst droughts in the nation is in Southeast Alaska. That’s according to federal meteorologists.

Ground broken at soon-to-be SEARHC hospital in Wrangell

Work has started on Wrangell’s new hospital. A tribal nonprofit health consortium is replacing the city-owned medical center that had been struggling financially.

AK: The end of Wrangell’s king salmon derby leaves locals longing

King salmon fishing in Alaska is political — but for those who can’t do it this summer, it’s also personal.

Dunleavy responds to Alaska legislators’ push for protection from British Columbia mines

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has pledged to engage with British Columbia to protect Alaska’s natural resources and environment.

Ketchikan, Petersburg and Wrangell all low on hydropower

Ketchikan, Petersburg and Wrangell are partially running on diesel to power their towns. That’s because the communities’ available hydropower is at extremely low levels.

After months of negotiations, SEARHC takes over Wrangell Medical Center

Wrangell Medical Center is being transferred to the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium this week. As of today, the hospital will be run by SEARHC.

In small town Alaska, conflicts of interest a tricky subject

Wrangell’s city manager’s recent decision to hire a sitting Assembly member raised eyebrows. Listen now

Alaska delegation urges Pompeo to take up transboundary mining concerns

Alaska’s elected leaders are pressing the Trump administration to take up the issue of transboundary mining. The renewed push comes ahead of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Canada. Listen now

After signs of concern, City of Wrangell says there’s no near threat to island’s dams

Wrangell’s upper dam leaks. That in itself isn’t a new development or even dangerous. But there were signs it might be getting worse. So the city hired engineers to check it out. Listen now

Wrangell resident shares her story for World Suicide Prevention Day

Alaska has the second highest rate of suicide in the nation, that’s according to a 2016 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Listen now

With king restrictions, Wrangell tries out new Coho derby

The competition is filling in for the town’s king salmon derby, which was cancelled this summer due to severe sport fishing restrictions. Listen now

Spike in shipping costs has Southeast businesses up in arms

Shipping costs dictate the price of everything in Alaska. Because of this, every island and coastal town feels the sting of shipping rates. Listen now

As Medicaid funds dry up, Wrangell and other rural hospitals are still receiving payments for now

The state is running short on money for Medicaid. Until the next fiscal year starts in July, hospitals and other health-care providers won’t get paid for treating much of Alaska’s low-income population. But the state is trying to funnel what money is left to hospitals that could otherwise shut down. Listen now

SEARHC looking to pay between $25 to $40 million for new Wrangell hospital

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium is continuing forward in acquiring Wrangell’s hospital. The Native nonprofit plans to build and operate a new hospital in the island town within the next three years. Listen now

A victory for Wrangell’s tribe, state says no dumping near Pat’s Lake

Wrangell’s tribe and city have won a year-long fight to protect a fishing stream and popular recreation site. Listen now