Kathleen Dunne Wilson

Kathleen Dunne Wilson grew up in Anchorage in that special era of the 50's.  She graduated from AHS before working for the Alaska State Police for six years.  She left Alaska for a career in social services and administration of family programs for military families living overseas in Europe and Asia.  Her dad Don Dunne retired from the Alaska Railroad and her mom Mary was a homemaker and manager of a trailer court and motels started by her Uncle Tom Dunne. Now a widow, Kathleen lives near her kids in The Villages, Florida, busy with charities,  substitute teaching at The Villages Charter School, and writing memories for growingupanchorage.com.

Alaskan Men!

I’ve now lived on three continents and traveled in over four dozen countries, so I feel well qualified to pronounce Alaskan men as some of the most unique specimens of humanity in the world. First and closest to my heart was Donald David Daniel “Dinky” Dunne, my Dad. Read more.