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A tall snowy mountain, its peak peaking out through the clouds.

Rangers search for solo climber on Denali

Matthias Rimml is the first registered climber to attempt Denali this season, and is alone on the upper part of the mountain, according to the National Park Service.
A man, woman and dog pose in front of mountains in the fall.

It’s getting even harder to find a house in Anchorage. A local economist shares her struggle.

Hannah Hennighausen and her partner have been outbid every time they've put an offer on a house. Most recently the winning bid offered all cash and waived all contingencies, which Hennighausen says is becoming more common.
A train goes over a creek in a mountainous area

Woman hit and killed by train while walking dogs near Bird Point

The railroad says the woman was walking with another woman and four dogs along the tracks, near a curve.
A man sits behind a table covered in ivory earrings for sale.

Artisans returning to Cama-i say it’s a ‘breath of fresh air’

Not having the festival the last few years was tough on vendors, especially as the pandemic made it more difficult to get materials. The return feels like a relief.
A young man dances seated while several dancers stand behind him on a stage.

Chefornak dancers honor loved ones at this year’s Cama-i Dance Festival

The Cama-i Dance Festival returned to Bethel last weekend after two years on hiatus due to the pandemic. For dancers from the village of Chefornak, it was a chance to finally honor loved ones lost over the last few years with neighbors from around the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
A woman in a green jacket and a blue and white shoulder bag knocks at a door

Alaska is the only state to see a decline in median income in 5-year census survey

It was also the only state to see poverty levels stay about the same — all other states saw declines.
Slushy and watery roads near a gas station.

As gas prices soar, Alaskans should ‘get used to volatility,’ says one analyst

In Alaska, the average for a gallon of regular gas was $4.73 Monday, according to AAA. That’s up $1 a gallon from just a month ago.

How do mushers afford the Iditarod? Anja Radano says every year it’s a struggle.

Running the Iditarod takes months of preparation, training and a lot of money. While some mushers have major tour businesses and sponsors that help fund their kennels and pay for staff, Radano waits tables to help balance the big bills that come with being a dog musher.
0224 Bragaw Extension_Bragaw and Northern lights intersection trail head

UAA says it supports the controversial Bragaw-Elmore extension

The University of Alaska Anchorage reaffirmed its support for the newly-revived Bragaw extension project on Friday. Meanwhile, other big employers in the area haven’t weighed in with full support of the highly controversial road.
Gov. Dunleavy stands behind a lectern next to a sign that says "relief for Alaskans"

How a rise in oil prices could impact this year’s PFD

With a recent rise in oil prices, the governor is again pushing for a higher PFD, plus an additional payment to boost last year's PFD. Legislators have other ideas.
A profile shot of a building.

Think you have supply chain woes? Try building in rural Alaska, where prices are high and the season is short.

Every step of the supply chain, from manufacturing to shipping to distribution, has lost any sense of a normal rhythm.
A white man in a red sweater leans over a bar at a restaurant.

An Anchorage restaurant operator says the pandemic is still hitting the industry hard

Uncertainty with staffing and COVID outbreaks are causing daily headaches in the industry, says restaurant operator Jack Lewis.
snow covered park, cars driving on a bend in the road, and a plane flies in front of snowy mountains

State job vacancies lead to unplowed roads and other service gaps

Critical state jobs are going unfilled this year. That’s led to unplowed roads, ferries tied up at dock and slowdowns in the court system.

Anchorage retailers hope for spending rebound fueled by higher wages and ‘revenge shopping’

At Anchorage’s Dimond Mall, some retailers are reporting that sales have surpassed pre-pandemic levels thanks to pent-up demand and supply chain shortages that are vexing online shoppers.
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is seen running alongside the Dalton Highway, next to a small mountain.

Oil prices plunge amid omicron variant concerns

After months of increases and a short plateau, oil prices in Alaska and worldwide have plunged in the last week. A barrel of Alaska North Slope crude was about $71 on Monday, $11 less than the week of Thanksgiving.
A man stands behind and counter and in front of skis.

Supply chain bottlenecks are holding up winter gear in Anchorage

Across Anchorage, with snow covering the ground and temperatures dropping, waitlists for fat-tire bikes and skis are common. The demand for winter outdoor gear is high.
A man in a hat eats dumplings at a table indoors.

How Pel’meni dumplings became a Juneau staple and expanded beyond Southeast Alaska

The restaurant is an Alaska take on a classic Russian comfort food. It started in Juneau and recently expanded to Anchorage.
A white woman and a white teenage boy wearing hiking clothes and smiling on a mountain ridgeline.

Alaska’s vaccine sweepstakes aimed to get more people vaccinated. It’s unclear whether it worked.

The Alaska Chamber gave out nearly $1 million in a vaccine sweepstakes program, but it's unclear how effective the program has been at increasing Alaska's vaccination rate.
Image of Alaska Pipeline

Global supply shortages are driving up Alaska oil prices

Alaska North Slope crude has been trending up for most of 2021. On Tuesday it closed at more than $87 a barrel.

If you signed up for direct deposit, yes, your PFD is coming this week

Alaskans are starting to see $1,114 PFDs hit their bank accounts this week, with some already reporting “pending” deposits scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 14, according to the state Department of Revenue.