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Akhiok’s new power system opens the door to renewable energy, and reduces costs

The Kodiak village of Akhiok is replacing its 40-year-old power grid and generator. The new system will be vastly more efficient, and comes with the ability to add solar energy in the near future.

Increase in observer fees has people in the fishing industry questioning how their dollars are being spent

Observer fees are going up for Alaska fishermen and processors. In Kodiak, fishermen aren’t too worried about the modest increase, but some would like to see improvements made to the decades-old program.

Emergency order closes part of Kodiak elk hunt after domestic elk escape from Burton ranch

A number of domestic, Rocky Mountain elk escaped from privately-owned land known as the Kodiak Game Ranch & Cattle Company in Pasagshak toward the end of last week.

New UAF climate report highlights rapidly changing Alaska ecosystems

Shorter sea ice and snow seasons mean there’s less ice and snow to cool the air and the land, so the impacts of warming trends are more apparent.

Alutiiq Museum launches Arts Advocacy Project to support Native artists

The grant allows the museum to select up to 10 artists for arts and career support. The museum will also be producing a webinar series to make those resources more accessible to a wider audience.

Who will be the fattest Katmai brown bear? Forget Beadnose, Holly is like the ‘Michelin Man’

A dozen brown bears in Katmai National Park are competing for the title of fattest bear during the park’s annual Fat Bear Week.

Kodiak villages brace for reduced ferry service this fall and winter

While the city of Kodiak has relatively reliable alternatives for transportation to the mainland, an upcoming gap in ferry service will pose serious difficulties for the some of the island’s outlying villages.

US military exercises come with indications of a growing Navy presence in Alaska

Across Southcentral Alaska and the Aleutians, some 3,000 service members are participating in the joint forces Arctic Expeditionary Capabilities Exercise this month.

NOAA announces a new marine heatwave is shaping up to look like ‘the Blob’

The Northeast Pacific Marine Heatwave of 2019 has raised ocean surface temperatures by 2–3 degrees across a giant swath of water off the West Coast.

DOT’s Chiniak Highway Erosion Control Project fights a never-ending battle against coastal erosion

Erosion is an ever-present issue for coastal highways. It’s of particular concern for Kodiak, where a large portion of the major road system sits right alongside the ocean.

AK: New Kodiak park dedicated to Alutiiq ancestors uprooted from their homeland

The Kodiak Alutiiq/Sugpiaq Repatriation Commission has been working for years to recover artifacts and human remains of the community’s ancestors. As part of that effort, a new park in downtown Kodiak is dedicated to ancestors uprooted from their homeland.

Kodiak goat dairy faces an uncertain future amid proposed budget cuts

Governor Dunleavy’s proposed budget would eliminate the state’s only dairy inspector, making it nearly impossible for up-and-coming dairies like Kodiak Baptist Mission’s Heritage Farms to sell milk commercially.

An end to school bond debt reimbursement could hike local property taxes

The recent House Finance Committee vote to end school bond debt reimbursement could have major implications for property owners in some municipalities.

Kodiak City Council approves new marijuana retail store application

A Kodiak dispensary is one step closer to opening its doors after getting City Council approval on Thursday.

Is testing Juneau’s student athletes for drugs and alcohol effective?

Random drug testing has been mandatory for Juneau School District’s high school athletes since 2009. But among administrators, students, parents, and coaches, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about its purpose or its effectiveness.

How does Mike Dunleavy like his cookies? ‘More chocolate chip than dough.’

Gov. Mike Dunleavy hosted an open house at the governor’s mansion Tuesday. The event was an opportunity for Juneauites to meet the governor and first lady in their home, as well as sample a few cookies.

Addiction treatment community reacts to new clinic in Juneau

The new clinic is different in a few ways. It’s a for-profit company and it doesn’t currently offer in-house counseling — and that has some in providers in the community worried.

Juneau man found dead in Gastineau Channel

Police say they did not see signs of foul play in the 53-year-old’s death.

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