Kayla Desroches, KMXT - Kodiak

Kayla Deroches is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

After a few weather delays, the tanner crab fishery opens today. It’s the first time the fishery has been open in the Kodiak area since 2013. Listen now

The Pacific halibut fishery may see a drop in stock over the next few years and the International Pacific Halibut Commission, which regulates the fishery, uses surveys in Kodiak waters to collect data. Listen now

Kodiak’s seaweed industry is growing, partly thanks to the investment of one company. Blue Evolution, which is based in the Lower 48 and turns kelp into pasta products, successfully completed harvest in May with a local fisherman in the City of Kodiak. Listen now

The sea cucumber fishery in Southeast opened for harvest in the beginning of October. It’s now half way through its season. And, much like salmon this year, it looks like the state’s sea cucumber harvest is also finding success on the global market. Listen now

This year will be the first opening for tanner crab the Kodiak management area has seen in a few years. Listen now

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation will establish a subsidiary to handle its out-of-state services. Listen now

It was a generally good salmon season for Alaska, except for one species. Listen now

If any historical site on Kodiak can claim to be haunted, it’s probably the Baranov Museum. Listen now

Concern over poor king salmon runs across the state drew a panel of fisheries experts together at a recent meeting in Anchorage.

Sometimes companies or agencies lose their equipment at sea. And rather than leave an expensive investment behind on the ocean floor, they send in the troops. In this case, “the troops” is one Kodiak local. Listen now

Fish from across Alaska and the Lower 48 is going toward recovery from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Listen now

Two remote learning students just graduated from a Kodiak College Alutiiq language program. They’re striving to keep the language alive in Port Graham and Tatitlek, two villages where Alutiiq, or Sugpiaq, people speak the regional dialect of Chugach Alutiiq.Listen now

The first cohort of Alaska Salmon Fellows is wrapping up its pilot year with final projects. Listen now

A program is leading representatives of Arctic nations to Alaska, Canada, Iceland and Greenland to look at the microgrids in remote communities. Listen now

This summer, a couple returned to the City of Kodiak after roughly 10 years of sailing the world. Mike Litzow and Alisa Abookire raised two sons while living a seafaring nomadic lifestyle. Listen now

Kodiak College, which is part of the University of Alaska Anchorage, will soon make a bachelor’s degree the go-to for aspiring nurses. Listen now

The Kodiak Electric Association received a permit to start its Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project expansion, which would increase the lake’s clean energy production. Listen now

An initiative to conserve one coastal habitat in the Kodiak Archipelago is now complete. The Thorsheim drainage on Afognak Island includes almost 2,000 acres of natural habitat. It’s now safe from development and tree harvest. Listen now

The City of Kodiak has easy access to internet compared to many other rural locations in the state, but Kodiak Island’s village communities are struggling. Village residents, local Native corporations and community partners are trying to figure out how to bridge the digital gap. Listen now

What kind of threat do invasive crayfish in Alaska pose to subsistence resources? That’s a question the Sun’aq Tribe won a grant to study. Listen now