Kayla Desroches, KMXT - Kodiak

Kayla Deroches is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

Fee to hike Kodiak’s Termination Point removed

For years, locals have needed a permit to hike the Termination Point trail, but now they can explore that property without a fee. Listen now

Navy to scan Kodiak waters for WWII explosives

Next month, the Navy will scan Kodiak and Unalaska waters for World War II-era munitions using underwater drones. It’s part of an ongoing effort to eventually remove the explosives. Listen now

Kodiak biologists to conduct bear population survey

The spring bear hunting season closed Monday, and that means it’s time for local biologists to do their bear survey. Listen now

Kodiak prepares for infectious disease with ebola simulation

Every year on Kodiak Island, the common cold – known locally as the “Kodiak crud” – spreads among city residents. But imagine if a more serious illness or disease entered the population. Listen now

Kodiak embraces commercial harvest of kelp

Commercial seaweed farming could be the hot new industry in Alaska, and Kodiak is getting in on it. Listen now

Alutiiq community seeks city-owned property for Memorial Park

The Alutiiq Museum is scoping out a site to bury ancestral remains that returned to the island in February. The internment would be the end of the ancestors’ long journey. Listen now
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State Tustumena ferry delayed to July

The Tustumena will be out of service for longer than anticipated. Listen now

Villages conduct massive scrap metal and hazardous waste removal

Living on an island can prove a major barrier to getting rid of large, unwanted objects like cars or fridges, especially for small communities like those in the Kodiak Archipelago. Listen now

Resolution could save Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center

Programs around the state have been under threat of closure due to budget issues, and in the City of Kodiak, the future of one seafood research and training center has also been uncertain. But that may change if a resolution to save the center passes. Listen now

Descendants gather to welcome Chirikof ancestors home

After years of work, ancestral remains from a 19th century settlement on Chirikof Island have returned home. In the 1960s, archaeologists removed the bones from Chirikof, which is located southwest of Kodiak Island, and since then the majority of the bones have been stored and studied at Indiana University Bloomington. Listen now
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Only homeless shelter in Kodiak fights through the cold

Francis Brother Shelter in Kodiak is the only shelter available to members of the homeless population, and therefore the only escape from the town’s recent nighttime drops in temperature. Listen now

Two actors adapt the Narnia world to the Kodiak stage

The world of Narnia has come to the Kodiak stage. San-Francisco based actor Stephanie Ann Foster adapted one of the novels in C.S. Lewis’ famous series. And two actors portray all the characters. Listen now

Letter from past found inside wall of Kodiak home

Houses can be historic in many senses – for instance, in the history that families create. Recently, the owner of one house on a hill in Kodiak found a little of that family history while renovating.

Ground squirrel: Invasive species or native to island?

An archaeologist is studying the ancient ground squirrel on Chirikof Island and trying to figure out when the squirrel would have been introduced to the area and how. Listen Now

Kodiak kids make sandwiches for the needy

The holidays tend to inspire people to be all the more charitable, and a couple of classes at Peterson Elementary School have made the spirit of giving a monthly tradition. Since September, a group of second grade students have been among those to put a little time aside to make sandwiches for those in need. Listen Now
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Alutiiq language immersion school to open in Kodiak

An Alutiiq language immersion preschool will open next month. Listen Now
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Kodiak Police Department chooses new camera model for body-worn camera program

Days after a superior court judge ordered the release of a body cam video, the Kodiak Police Department suspended its Body-Worn Camera Program, which began in February 2015. However, it wasn’t until this summer that KPD announced the suspension.
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Details slowly emerge surrounding Kodiak floatplane crash

Details are slowly coming to light surrounding the crash last week of a floatplane flying for Island Air. Listen now
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Sun’aq tribe to open Alutiiq language immersion school for children

The Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak has just received a grant to begin an Alutiiq language program for preschool-aged children. Listen now

Researchers combine science and traditional food preparation

Food scientists with the help of a botulism expert are trying to combine science and traditional Alaska Native methods to make one prohibited food safe to eat. Regulated programs under the State of Alaska Food Safety and Sanitation Program are not allowed to accept or distribute seal oil due to the danger of botulism, a potentially fatal disease which is caused by bacteria in contaminated food. Listen now