Kayla Desroches, KMXT - Kodiak

Kayla Deroches is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

‘Simply Awesome’ – Kodiak family opens bakery from their home

There are a lot of small businesses in Kodiak, but few may be as small -- or smell as good -- as Simply Awesome Bakery.

Marine debris waiting on permit in Seattle

A barge that picked up marine debris along coastlines in Alaska and British Columbia this summer has delivered its cargo to Seattle, but organizers are waiting for a permit to go through before they can move the debris into storage and sort it.

With reservoir low, Kodiak asks citizens to conserve water

Kodiak's dry summer -- and winter -- continues to cause Kodiak problems. The Monashka reservoir is low and residents will have to see how they can preserve water and make sure the processors can continue at the same rate. Download Audio

AK: High school students enter the world of nano-agriculture

High school students in Kodiak are doing college-level science. Maybe even Ph.D.-level science. World Bridge is a NASA-sponsored group that assigns Alaskan students to scientific research projects. At a recent competition in Italy, the group showed that their earthquake research could have a global impact, but that’s only one project they’re working on. They’ve also entered the world of nano-agriculture. Download Audio

Murre die-off reported around Kodiak

Kodiak Island residents have been reporting a large number of common murres washing up dead on local beaches. Download Audio

Emperor goose harvest: More than a memory for Kodiak subsistence hunter

Subsistence hunters want to eat the foods traditional to Kodiak Island, and that includes one bird that’s been off-limits since 1987 due to low numbers: the emperor goose. Download Audio

NOAA: Whale deaths in the Gulf are three times the average

Since May 2015, 11 fin whales, 14 humpback whales, one gray whale, and four unidentified cetaceans have been found dead around the islands of the western Gulf of Alaska and the southern shoreline of the Alaska Peninsula, according to NOAA. Canadian authorities are also seeing an uptick in whale deaths off the coast of British Columbia. Download Audio

Special Olympics Athlete Returns Home in Kodiak to Fanfare

Twenty-seven-year-old Kodiak resident Brittany Tregarthen represented the United States in powerlifting at this year’s Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. Download Audio

Kodiak’s Alutiiq Museum Releases Book About Karluk Archaelogical Site

One Kodiak Island settlement has served as both a rich archaeological resource and fueled the Alutiiq heritage renaissance now underway in Kodiak. The Alutiiq Museum recently published a book called “Kal'unek” with the University of Alaska Press. The nearly 400-page volume focuses on archaeological discoveries near the community of Karluk and delves into the site’s lasting effects on those involved. Download Audio

Drums of Hazardous Waste Dumped Around Kodiak Island

Someone has dumped drums of hazardous waste in the Buskin River State Park. That’s according to Preston Kroes, an Alaska State Park Ranger, who says they discovered two 55-gallon containers last month. Download Audio

U.S. Coast Guard celebrates 225th birthday

Today is the 225th birthday of the United States Coast Guard. And to celebrate that event, the new commanding officer of Air Station Kodiak, Captain Mark Morin, joined KMXT to talk about Coast Guard history and his experiences in Kodiak. Download Audio

Labor Rights FAQ Translated to Tagalog

Not all employees in Alaska speak English proficiently, but the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development wants to make sure that all of them understand their rights. The department recently released several translations of its employee “frequently asked questions” pamphlet in different languages, including one in Tagalog.

‘Gar-Barge’ Arrives To Courier Alaska’s Marine Debris To the Lower 48

A massive barge is docked in Kodiak this week, and that barge is more or less a huge floating trash can. It's en route to the Lower 48 with hundreds of tons of marine debris on board - debris that will be recycled once the barge arrives in Seattle. Download Audio

Kodiak’s Alutiiq Museum Earns National Recognition

The Alutiiq Museum in the city of Kodiak preserves and exhibits many Alaska Native artifacts from the Kodiak Archipelago region and other areas, and now the State of Alaska’s Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums has designated it as the state’s first natural and cultural history repository.

Navy holds community forum in Kodiak

Navy representatives held a community forum in Kodiak yesterday to address concerns about its training in the Gulf of Alaska, which they say begins Monday. They say many people believe this month’s training will include bombs, sonar, and exercises that will disturb commercial fishing, but say much of that is misinformation.

Kodiak protestors against Navy training take stand on land and sea

On Saturday afternoon, fishermen and concerned Kodiak residents gathered at Pier II to protest the location and timing of the Navy Training in the Gulf of Alaska. The Sun’aq Tribe helped to organize the event with the help of skippers and crew members alike.

Crab Fest Food: The Bruin Burger

Crab Fest hit town this weekend, and one of the stars of the festival was the bruin burger. On the first day of Crab Fest, there’s a line trailing away from the window of the Kodiak Sno-Bruins food cart. The nonprofit fries up the Kodiak staple every year for the festival. But what is the Bruin Burger?

AK: A Forgotten Boat

A group in Kodiak recently completed an Alutiiq boat that was last seen in the mid-19th century. Alutiiq people once used the angyaq to travel over long distances and through rough seas. It’s an open boat, like a dory, with a flat bottom and bulbous bow. The artist leading the effort says the boat builders aren’t just recreating the past. They’re reviving a piece of Alutiiq history for use now and in the future. Download Audio

Youth Courts of Alaska Students Train to be Leaders

The United Youth Courts of Alaska is notable for encouraging youth leadership in the legal system and students' own communities. Branches from across Alaska flew into Kodiak last Thursday for the 20th Annual United Youth Courts of Alaska Conference. Download Audio

AK: Maps

If you want to find a rare book or unusual map in Juneau, there’s only one place to go - Dee Longenbaugh’s shop. Longenbaugh is the owner of The Observatory: a rare book shop, used bookstore, and treasure trove all in one. You can find everything from local cookbooks about how to prepare halibut to maps of the Great White North. Download Audio