Laura Kraegel, KUCB - Unalaska

Laura Kraegel covers Unalaska and the Aleutian Islands for KUCB . Originally from Chicago, she first came to Alaska to work at KNOM, reporting on Nome and the Bering Strait Region. ( / 907.581.6700)

Russian Unangax reconnect with Alaska neighbors during St. Paul trip

Look to the farthest end of the Aleutian chain, so far west that it’s actually east, and you’ll find the Komandorski Islands of Russia. In 1867, the Alaska Purchase separated them from the rest of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands. But today, people across the archipelago are still connected by a common history. A recent cultural exchange helped to renew those ties, bringing Russians and Alaskans together on St. Paul Island. Listen now

Kloosterboer fined $10,000 for late reporting of ammonia leak

After a dangerous ammonia leak last winter, Kloosterboer Dutch Harbor is renovating its refrigeration system, investing in its hazmat team, and paying a $10,008 fine. Listen now

Dutch Harbor ranks as nation’s top port for 20th consecutive year

For the 20th year in a row, Dutch Harbor has been recognized as the largest fishing port in America. Listen now

As recall effort gets underway, Unalaska’s mayor denies illegal dock negotiations

Following months of intense public criticism. Frank Kelty has denied allegations that he interfered with the former city manager or forced his resignation. Listen now

Unalaska police chief confirms investigation of city councilors

Members of the Unalaska City Council are under investigation. Police Chief Mike Holman confirmed Tuesday to KUCB that the Unalaska Department of Public Safety is investigating current and potentially former city councilors. Listen now

St. Paul ramps up reindeer program to improve food security

Even though reindeer have lived on St. Paul for about 100 years, the tribe hasn’t done much more than distribute hunting permits. That’s slowly beginning to change -- because the community needs another consistent source of meat. Download audio

St. Paul Ramps Up Reindeer Program to Improve Food Security

For the last century, reindeer have roamed St. Paul Island without much oversight. But now, the tribal government is stepping up its management style to boost subsistence options and the local economy.

Responders have mitigated pollution threat of F/V Akutan, Coast Guard says

Six days after forming an emergency response team, officials have suspended their efforts aboard a disabled fishing vessel in Unalaska. Listen now

PenAir requests subsidy to sustain market in Pribilof Islands

The only air carrier for the Pribilof Islands is asking for financial support to keep its remote market afloat. Listen now

Diving for answers: Will blue king crab come back in the Pribilofs?

In the Pribilof Islands, no one’s gotten an accurate count of blue king crab since the population crashed hard in the 1980s. This summer, a marine biologist is trying to change that, with the species’ first in-depth study in more than 30 years. His ultimate goal: determine if blue crab can make a comeback — or if it’s gone for good. Listen now

St. George Island receives apology from USFWS… 75 years after WWII internment

75 years after supervising the Unangan internment during World War II, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has finally apologized to the people of St. George Island. Listen now

Witness hearings start Monday in F/V Destination investigation

Starting Monday, the U.S. Coast Guard is holding two weeks of public hearings as part of its investigation into the sinking of the F/V Destination. Listen now

PenAir files for bankruptcy protection as CEO promises to refocus on Alaska routes

The largest air carrier in southwest Alaska has filed for bankruptcy protection. Listen now

Elders reflect on Aleut evacuation during WWII

This month marks the 75th anniversary of the Aleut evacuation. More than 800 Unangan people were removed from the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands and relocated to Southeast Alaska during World War II. Two elders share their memories.

Survivors look back on the Japanese bombing of Unalaska 75 years ago

75 years ago, Japan bombed Unalaska, killing more than 40 Americans and triggering the evacuation of hundreds. In the aftermath, many Aleutian residents survived. But the number is dwindling as decades pass. Listen now

Unalaska sculptor wins art award as she continues 40-year career

The Rasmuson Foundation has recognized Unalaska's Gert Svarny as its Distinguished Artist of 2017. The award comes with a $40,000 grant so the 87-year-old sculptor can continue developing her craft. Listen now

Strong earthquake shakes near Adak, registering magnitude 6.4

A series of earthquakes shook the Aleutian Islands Monday morning, including a strong magnitude-6.4 quake near Adak. Listen now

49 Voices: Taylor Holman of Unalaska

This week we're hearing from Taylor Holman in Unalaska. Holman is a high school senior and placed first place in Alaska's Russian Language competition this year. Listen now

Coast Guard cleans up graffiti on World War II bunker as tagging investigation continues

In Unalaska, the U.S. Coast Guard has cleaned up controversial graffiti that was found spray-painted on a World War II bunker last month. Listen now

Unalaskans suspect Coast Guard crew of tagging WWII bunker

Tagging isn’t unusual in Unalaska, even for historic structures like bunkers and barracks. But these big black letters were spray-painted on the outside of the bunker — not hidden inside like most graffiti. Listen now