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The Best Western Golden Lion Hotel

Second day of hearings on property purchases for homeless services ends without vote

Opposition to the plan has come largely from the Geneva Woods neighborhood, next to which the city intends to set up a drug and alcohol treatment center.

With pushback from both sides, Wasilla High looks to re-work Native American warrior logo

The logo was redesigned just a few years ago, but the issue has now taken on a political tone.

Valdez becomes latest Alaska community to pass mask mandate

The community has reported just two resident cases but council members expressed concern about limited healthcare capacity in the town of about 4,000.

‘Potent storm’ could bring over an inch of rain to some parts of Southcentral today

Anchorage's hillside and the northern Kenai Peninsula are expected to be the hardest hit.

Hospitality industry criticizes decision to release the names of bars and restaurants with COVID-19 cases

The industry argues that it was unfairly singled out and that the announcement created confusion about where people could have been exposed.

Anti-mask mandate campaign gets taken down by GoFundMe

A crowdsourcing campaign to produce ads challenging mainstream advice about using face coverings was removed from the platform for violating its terms of service.

Siberian fires bring smoke to Southcentral, Eastern Alaska

The wildfires have burned over four million acres of Siberian forests and have reached the highest latitude of any fires recorded.

As it prepares for holiday crowds amid COVID-19 outbreak, Seward council votes for restrictions

The city council voted to limit seating capacity in buildings, require face masks in public buildings, and limit campground space.

COVID Q&A: What are the legal and medical barriers to wearing a mask under Anchorage’s new mandate?

One area of confusion has been how customers need to prove a disability that might prevent them from wearing a mask to a store owner.

Most agree on the story of Captain Cook’s time in Cook Inlet, they differ on how to tell it

During the Cook expedition's short time on shore in Cook Inlet an artist aboard managed to paint a Dena'ina man. Another member of the party shot and killed a dog traded by the Natives.

Seward band urges testing for Fairbanks concert-goers after members test positive for COVID-19

A bandmember says that he was potentially infectious when he played a show in Fairbanks on June 19.

Without a mask mandate, Anchorage businesses wade into culture clash

Businesses that have required customers and employees to wear masks say that they've run into some brusque opposition from those who say that such requirements are a violation of personal liberty.

Girdwood gathering leads to 5 COVID cases and concerns of more to come

Five individuals tested positive, but other attendees are showing symptoms of COVID-19. Officials say further spread is likely.

Bristol Bay seafood cases push Alaska’s coronavirus count up by 26

Seven of the new cases were reported among out-of-state seafood workers in the Bristol Bay region.

Assembly looks to expand where it can set up homeless shelters

The administration says that when the lease to use the Sullivan Arena ends, residents will be forced out on the streets without housing.

After pandemic forced changes, East 3rd Ave has cleaned up. Businesses and shelters are loving it.

The area was once a sprawling homeless camp that attracted preying drug dealers and invited squalor. How did it manage to clean up?

Anchorage bids to become headquarters for revamped Space Command

The CEO of the Alaska Aerospace Corporation admitted that Anchorage was probably not at the front of the list, but said Alaska's largest city does have some things lined up in its favor.
A grean lump with yellow dots

Anchorage officials are “hyper-vigilant” after COVID spike, but no new restrictions are planned

After another Anchorage resident died of coronavirus at an extended care facility, Anchorage officials say that they are a lot more concerned this week than last week.
A sign for Anchorage Ppolic on a rainy day

‘We’ve got to do better’: Anchorage police address racial bias, use of force policies

Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll said that the department has a "progressive mindset" when it comes to its use of force policies, but acknowledged there are areas where the department needs to improve.