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Man sits next to sign that reads "Let me see her!!"

Loved ones fight for entry as hospital COVID precautions keep them outside

Hospitals say they are forced to balance their values of compassion with the need for broader public health good.
A grainy photo of a tow truck

Nome police locate truck related to investigation into woman’s disappearance

About two weeks after she was reported missing, Nome police say they requested on-the-ground help from the FBI to find a missing 33-year-old woman, Florence Okpealuk.
Ruts in the dirt lead up a mountain where hikers are visible

Alaska parks system stressed with new pandemic crowds and old funding shortages

Erosion, parking and trail access problems have worsened due to the pandemic as the park system copes with 5 years without capital funding.
A worker dressed in black leaves thebeige double doors of a grey building. In the foreground, a sign reads "at capacity"

COVID-19 outbreak among Anchorage’s homeless points to gaps in testing strategy

Experts say the lack of a national testing strategy has led to unnecessary deaths of people experiencing homelessness.
A sign in front of a beige entry way behind grey steps reads Attention, we have reached Capacity"

12 COVID-19 cases reported at Anchorage’s largest shelter

Managers of the emergency mass shelter at the Sullivan Arena say that they were able to isolate the cases quickly.
A boxy red and gray building

City reports one death from Brother Francis outbreak

The outbreak that started at the shelter has infected 89 people, and resulted in at least one death.
A worker lays out mats in an ice rink under bright flood lights.

Ben Boeke reopens for skaters as Anchorage pushes to move shelter residents into housing

The city says it hopes millions of dollars in CARES Act money can free up space at the emergency mass shelter at the Sullivan Arena.
the Anchorage pioneer home, a five-story blocky building with a red sign in front and flower beds

Another resident at Anchorage Pioneer Home dies of COVID-19

Its the second COVID-19 death tied to the Anchorage Pioneer Home.
Float planes tied up in an artificial pond

2 dead, 2 seriously injured in Fairbanks plane crash

Two people were killed in a collision at a private airport in Fairbanks, and a third has life-threatening injuries.
A runner in an orange windbreaker and wearing a red running backpack descends a dirt trail with wet vegetation in the foreground and mountains rising into fog int he background

A 500-mile hiking trail across Alaska? Advocates say the pandemic is a perfect time to start

Advocates say the trail, which would connect Seward to Fairbanks, could provide an economic draw for tourists, and would help define Alaska to the Outside.
Brother Francis Shelter in Anchorage.

Brother Francis Shelter confirms 20 COVID-19 cases

All of the cases were asymptomatic, according to Brother Francis managers.
A grean lump with yellow dots

Alaska reports more COVID-19 deaths

The state announced four deaths, but two of them happened weeks ago and were noticed during a routine review of death certificates, the Department of Health said.
A green house with a blue sign on the wall as seen through a chain link fence

Alaska Natives and Pacific Islanders are harder hit by COVID-19 in Alaska. The reasons are complex.

Multi-generational housing, lack of proper plumbing in rural villages, and cultures where physical touch is valued have made Alaska Native and Pacific Islander groups more affected by COVID-19.

Non-traditional employees in Alaska will miss out on extra $300 in federal benefits

State officials are counting on Congress to pass a bill that would include those workers and back pay them for the months that were missed.
A white church with a tall steeple and mirrored glass on the front surrounded by several trees

Anchorage has not moved to stop churches from meeting in defiance of virus order

The city says it hasn't received any formal complaints from the public.
A neighborhood street with a gravel dirt road in the mouuntains behind

Road or trail? New JBER project surprises residents

JBER officials are calling the 30-foot wide gravel corridor a "trail' that they say is needed for emergency access and firefighting.
A white church with a tall steeple and mirrored glass on the front surrounded by several trees

Some churches defy Anchorage’s COVID-19 order limiting large indoor gatherings

A handful of churches defied the city’s emergency order to limit gatherings to stop the spread of COVID-19 last week.
A red stop-work order is taped to the door at Kriner's Diner in Anchorage. The order says Kriner's must comply with the city's latest emergency order and stop indoor dining immediately. 

Kriner’s settles with Municipality … for now

The judge in the case commended both sides, but the legal fight between them could continue if Kriner's decides to challenge the constitutionality of the Emergency Order 15.
Customers dined inside at Kriner's Diner on Friday afternoon, Aug. 7, 2020, just a few hours after a state judge ordered the restaurant to shut down dine-in service.

Kriner’s Diner backs down after Municipality of Anchorage seeks to increase fines

A co-owner said in a Facebook video that the new fines would be more than the business could afford.
Flowers of different colors in front of the beige Anchorage Pioneer Home buildgin

4 COVID-19 cases at Anchorage Pioneer Home

Three residents and one employee at the Anchorage Pioneer Home have tested positive for the coronavirus.