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Feds sue state over salmon fishing rules on the Kuskokwim

The lawsuit says the state must limit subsistence fishing on the Kuskokwim River to rural residents in times of scarcity.
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Split: Alaska liberals fear a shutout in 48-way race for US House

There’s an angst gnawing at Alaska’s liberals. They fear a split will put four conservatives on the ballot.

Mat-Su Democrat files to challenge Murkowski

Pat Chesbro enters a race that already has two candidates running multi-million campaigns.
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Native organizations win $35M grant to bring broadband home

Unlike traditional infrastructure projects, the grant is aimed at equipping homes and rural health facilities with the devices needed to take advantage of broadband.

Alaska Democrats lash out at US House candidate Al Gross — the same candidate they endorsed in 2020

They're calling him a "proven loser" after Gross suggested he might caucus with GOP.

Why some anti-abortion Alaskans say this is the year to vote yes on a constitutional convention

A convention would allow changes to the state Constitution. But people on both side of the abortion issue think it's a bad idea.

Murkowski says if draft opinion holds, it undermines her confidence in Supreme Court

Sen. Murkowski says if a majority of justices vote to overturn Roe v. Wade it shakes her confidence in the court.

Rep. Young’s Washington office, key to his brand, still stands. For now.

The bear, the guns, the heads — they aided his reputation for fierceness. Or, as some saw it, bullying.
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Dunleavy gets after feds to recognize Alaska’s ownership of submerged lands

Gov. Dunleavy takes the federal government to court to assert state ownership of land under waters flowing through federal land.

Biden closes half of NPR-A acreage to oil drilling

The Bureau of Land Management announced that it's ditching a Trump administration plan for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and instead will revert to managing the area according to a 2013 plan crafted by the Obama administration.
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Alaska Republican Party endorses Nick Begich III for US House

It’s the party’s first official endorsement in the crowded race.
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Sullivan strikes partisan tone while talking up bipartisanship to Alaska Legislature

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan told legislators he was trying to take a different approach than he did in his speech last year, when he bashed President Biden for what he considers an anti-Alaska agenda.
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Nick Begich is running a million-dollar campaign for Alaska’s US House seat, most of it from his own pocket

Disclosure forms show Begich made more than $1 million last year from his stake in a software firm and an Anchorage publisher.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski poses for a photo outside the Division of Election office in Anchorage

Murkowski campaign raised $1.5M so far this year

This brings her total campaign receipts for the 2022 race to nearly $6 million.
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Congressman Young’s wife endorses Revak. It’s who her husband wanted, she says.

The video endorsement takes aim at Nick Begich, who launched barbs at Young starting last year.
a person wearing camo, jeans, and an American flag shirt holds a firearm near a door and another firearm is visible above him

They voted for her once, but even among these Trump fans in the Mat-Su, Palin’s star has dimmed

Even on home turf, Palin doesn't have a lock on the conservative vote.

Murkowski breaks GOP ranks to confirm Jackson as first Black woman to Supreme Court

Ketanji Brown Jackson is highly qualified and will ensure the court better represents America, Murkowski said.
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Sorting the 48 Alaska candidates running in the special US House election

It’s the most candidates ever in one election in Alaska.