The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement
The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement
The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin is the Washington, D.C., correspondent for Alaska Public Media. She reports from the U.S. Capitol and from Anchorage. Reach her at
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Lawsuit filed to keep congressional candidate Tara Sweeney in special election

The plaintiffs are Sunny Guerin, Vera Lincoln and Elizabeth Toovak. 

Why Alaska US House ballots were rejected

The Division of Elections released the reason nearly 5% of ballots in Alaska's first by-mail election were not counted. Read the report
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As last ballots arrive in Alaska’s special US House primary, Peltola inches upward

Peltola is up three percentage points since the first count June 11, suggesting her campaign may have picked up momentum as the postmark deadline neared, or that her supporters were, for whatever reason, late to the mailbox.
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Gross, a top four candidate for US House, calls it quits

Al Gross is out, possibly allowing Tara Sweeney to advance in the special election.
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Peltola keeps 4th place in latest US House ballot count

The AP has now called the race for Democrat Mary Peltola, too.

Special election results prompt losing candidates to consider dropping out of regular US House election, too

Finishers outside the top four in the special primary are pondering dropping out of the regular election.
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It’s still Palin, Begich, Gross and Peltola in Alaska US House race

If that order holds, those four will advance to the special general ballot in August.
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As a test, Alaska’s special US House primary may be too special

A by-mail special election may not be a true test of Alaska's new open primary
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Palin, Begich, Gross and Peltola are top 4 in early results from Alaska’s special US House election

The Division of Elections counted the first batch of ballots on Saturday night – 48,000 of the more than 125,000 ballots cast. Palin, a Republican, has about 33% of the votes counted so far. She’s followed by Nick Begich, also a Republican, who took 17% and independent Al Gross with 15%.
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Who will make the top four? US House candidates in Alaska have one more day to appeal to voters.

The special primary election for U.S. House ends Saturday, and it's still far from certain which candidates will move on to the general election in August.
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Nick Begich lent his campaign $650,000. Here’s why that makes ethics watchdogs shudder.

Post-election fundraising can look like "legalized bribery," critics say.
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Just Answers: Where Alaska US House candidates stand on developing Alaska’s natural resources

Candidates answer four questions, including whether there should be oil development in ANWR and whether the Roadless Rule should apply to the Tongass National Forest.

Election filing deadline reveals crowded statewide races

Dozens of Alaskans are running for statewide office but most legislative races have fewer than five candidates
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Palin leads the race for cash in Alaska US House election

Former Gov. Sarah Palin is ahead of the field in campaign fundraising. But a rival has surpassed her by tapping his personal wealth.
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In Alaska’s crowded US House race, abortion stance sets candidates apart

When it comes to abortion, Alaska U.S. House candidates are all over the map.
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EPA proposes to veto Pebble Mine to protect salmon-rich Bristol Bay

It's the step Bristol Bay fishermen and tribes have for years begged the agency to take.