Maggie Nelson, KUCB - Unalaska

Unalaska's runway taken from the mountain above, with water on either side

New airline brings competition to Unalaska-Anchorage route

Aleutian Airways, a partnership between Juneau-based Alaska Seaplanes, Florida-based Sterling Airways, and two venture capital firms, will fly Saab 2000 planes from Anchorage to Unalaska. The planes haven't flown in Unalaska since RavnAir Group's fatal plane crash in 2019, but Aleutian Airways managers say they have strict protocols to ensure safety.
A person in rain gear suspenders looks over the side of a boat with a dip net with green mountains in the background

Harmful algal blooms can be lethal for humans. Scientists wonder if they cause seabird die-offs, too.

Over a million murres died about five years ago, coinciding with a major marine heat wave. Scientists suspect that high PSP levels may have also contributed the unusual die off and they're trying to find answers in Unalaska.
20 people post for a camera with the front row sitting and the back row standing

Key federal fisheries advisory panel loses Alaska Native voice

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council often flies under the radar, but it manages the most economically lucrative fisheries in Alaska. But after eliminating one of the group's three Alaska Native members, some are questioning its commitment to ensuring all voices are heard.

Oregon man, facing drug charges after string of overdoses in Unalaska, dies in custody

The man's death was not COVID-19 related and no foul play is suspected according to the Alaska Dept. of Corrections.
Two officials point while dozens of people sist in foldout chairs

Unalaska cashes in on new Biden administration boon to vaccinate 1,800 at mass clinic

Among the groups vaccinated: dozens of workers from four major fish processing plants which have struggled with COVID-19 outbreaks over the past several months.
An old white man sits at the tabel with some cards laid out

‘Mail For Morale’: Letter-writing project commemorates WWII Aleutian Campaign veterans

The veterans all served in the Aleutian Campaign, which is often referred to as the "Forgotten War," and began in 1942 when the Japanese bombed Dutch Harbor and occupied the western Aleutian Islands of Attu and Kiska.
An eagle perched on top of a pile of boxed groceries

Sometimes a bird gets into your store. In Unalaska, sometimes the bird is an eagle.

After over an hour of being chased up and down aisles by two police officers, store employees and a volunteer, the eagle tired and was carried out in a blanket and set free.

COVID-19 triggers alarming high school failure rates in Unalaska

Thanks to COVID-19, almost a third of students in Unalaska are failing one class or more. It comes as a shock to the community, where the 2019 graduation rate was 97%.
A white boat on a dock with a line of soldiers marching toward it

New Coast Guard cutter named for sailor buried in Unalaska

Charles Moulthrope was buried in Unalaska in 1896, at the age of 23, after he died during service in nearby waters.
A hiker in a dry suit holds a padde and a packraft on an island.

Yakutat to Unimak: Minnesota hiker recounts 2,500-mile Alaska traverse

From mid-June to mid-October, Dan Binde of Minnesota hiked from Yakutat, in the northern reaches of Alaska's Inside Passage, across the Alaska Peninsula, to Unimak, the largest and easternmost of the Aleutian Islands.
A white wooden church with a golden onion dome

St. Paul Island has no confirmed cases of COVID-19, but the community isn’t letting down its guard

The island has the largest population of Unangan people in the world, and community leaders say they are doing everything they can to protect them.
Three panels of painted animals, one with a jelly fish, the middle with a humbpack whal getting ready to breach, and the third of two birds in a nest .

‘The Gentle Tarot’: Unalaska artist creates uniquely Alaskan tarot deck

An Unalaska artist is putting together a tarot deck filled with Alaskan-themed imamges of humpback whales, grizzly bears, and cormorants.

On Unalaska’s trails, listen for Jojo, the hiking cat

JoJo is an Unalaska resident who loves hiking, loves fish, and enjoys catching up with his neighbors. In other words, he's a lot like most people on the island. The striking thing about JoJo, though, is that he's a cat.