Matt Miller, KTOO - Juneau

Matt Miller is a reporter at KTOO in Juneau.

There hasn’t been a jury trial in Alaska in 3 months. How has COVID-19 changed the state’s justice system?

There have been no jury trials in state courts for three months, and they won’t resume until at least September.

Face coverings now required to enter federal courthouses in Alaska

Anyone entering a federal courthouse in Alaska must wear a mask or face covering or they will not be allowed inside.

Alaska’s courtrooms remain closed to jury trials due to pandemic

Most non-emergency proceedings were first suspended in late March. Now they will be canceled at least until September.

Alaska Court System suspends new trials in Anchorage, Palmer, Kenai

Jury trials in Anchorage, Palmer and Kenai next week have been suspended to slow the spread of coronavirus, the Alaska Court System said Friday.

He worked briefly for the state in the ’70s. Should he get “gold chain” Tier I retirement benefits?

The Alaska Supreme Court on Thursday heard a case that labor unions say could affect the retirement plans of thousands of former state employees.

Utah man pleads guilty to 2nd-degree murder in Alaska cruise ship death

A Utah man arrested for the death of his wife on a Southeast Alaska cruise ship could spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

In Juneau snow and rain, temperature swings are formula for higher avalanche risk

Looking at each snow layer tells a story about the winter.

Meals for Angoon school children hinge on regular ferry service

In many Alaska coastal communities, ferry service is more than just a transportation link. It can also be a form of survival.

Taku Glacier, once the Juneau Icefield’s last advancing glacier, is now in retreat

A soon-to-be-published research paper will show how climate change is responsible for the glacier’s recent about-face into retreat. But scientists, Juneau-area hunters and residents have seen it coming for decades.

AK: Search dogs harness their super-powered noses

If you become lost or injured in Alaska, your best chance of being found may rest in the paws of an unassuming hero: a search dog. Man’s best friend has a super-powered sense of smell that can detect just about anyone, anywhere.

Alaska first responders train up on urban search and rescue techniques

During an exercise in Juneau, members of the Washington National Guard provided expertise on rescuing victims from buildings collapsed by an earthquake, avalanche or mudslide.

Federal government shutdown’s effects linger for Coast Guard in Alaska

The commanding officer of the Coast Guard’s Alaska district says it may take until summer’s end to catch up on some of the work delayed by the partial federal government shutdown.

Juneau’s Dimond Courthouse finally gets its third Superior Court judge

Judge Daniel Schally was recently appointed to handle an increasing caseload at the Juneau Superior Court.

LuLaRoe sales tax lawsuit dismissed, appeal still possible

Anchorage resident Katie Van claimed that she was charged sales taxes on LuLaRoe clothing purchases even though Anchorage and Alaska do not collect such taxes.

Fashion faux pas? MLM company LuLaRoe sued in Alaska over sales taxes.

Anchorage resident Katie Van says she was charged undue sales taxes on clothing she bought from outside of Alaska. But LuLaRoe says they fixed their sales tax automation software and already made refunds.

Federal court employees to work without pay if shutdown extends to February

U.S. Courts say they have enough money to continue operating until Jan. 31. But after that, court employees and federal public defenders will be working without pay.

New warm ocean Blob could affect Southeast winter weather, fisheries

Sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Alaska are averaging four degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal. That isn’t as hot or doesn’t extend quite as deep as the original Blob. At least not yet.

How the Princess Sophia grounded and sank with all aboard 100 years ago

What happened on Vanderbilt Reef in October 1918? And why was the sinking of the S.S. Princess Sophia quickly forgotten in Alaska and Canada? Listen now

Search suspended for cruise ship passenger missing in Glacier Bay

An unidentified 69-year-old male passenger of Westerdam disappeared July 13 while the vessel was in Glacier Bay. Listen now

DeSimone found guilty on first-degree murder charge in Excursion Inlet shooting death

The family of Tony Rosales wept in the front row of the gallery after the jury found Mark DeSimone guilty of first-degree murder. Listen now