Matt Miller, KTOO - Juneau

Matt Miller is a reporter at KTOO in Juneau.
A crowd gathers around the front of a bus in a warehouse

Juneau gets state’s first electric bus

Officials including Gov. Mike Dunleavy joined for the ribbon cutting for the new bus, which can travel an entire day on one charge.

Alaska Supreme Court restores access to public employee and teacher retirement benefits

Now, as many as 78,000 Alaskans could buy their way back into the state’s more generous retirement benefit programs.
A snowy mountain with an avalanche

‘Considerable danger’ for Juneau avalanches, even within ski area boundaries

There were several avalanches reported around Juneau, including a very close call just outside the boundaries of the Eaglecrest Ski Area.
Seats next to desks

After 1-year suspension during pandemic, misdemeanor jury trials resume next month

In his order, Chief Justice Joel Bolger wrote that case counts have continued to decline since February, and many more Alaskans have received vaccinations in addition to precautions the court system has put in place.
A whiite man holds a bald eagle in a blanket

Bald eagle euthanized after being found hanging upside down near Juneau’s airport

The bald eagle was rescued using a fire truck ladder, but it was determined that its previous injuries prevented the eagle from hunting or fishing and that it likely was already starving.
Snowy trees in front of a body of water in front of snowy mountains

Uncommonly cold, windy conditions expected throughout Southeast Alaska

Wind chills in Juneau could drop to minus 40 Fahrenheit.
Seats next to desks

After one-year suspension, criminal jury trials set to resume slowly in state courts

Alaska Supreme Court Chief Justice Joel Bolger issued an order Feb. 4 allowing jury trials under certain circumstances.
Skiers carry skies on the snow slope on a sunny day

New avalanche center compiles observations from Juneau backcountry

Research shows that January is the deadliest month for backcountry adventurers, and more experienced adventurers are more likely to get into trouble.
On a cloudy day, a massive landslide is visible in the mountain

Massive mountain rockslide near Juneau shakes the earth on Christmas Eve

Around Christmas, there were reports of an earthquake and major mountain rockslide in the wilderness near Juneau. But what came first? The earthquake or the slide?
a wet road with tall spruce trees arouund

Juneau officials caution residents to be prepared for landslides as rains continue

With high winds and heavy rain expected on already saturated ground, people living in hillside areas should be especially vigilant.
A truck drives by a mudslide

‘Atmospheric river’ could bring 10 inches of rain to Juneau

Heavy rain and winds up to 45 miles per hour could cause mudslides in Juneau this week.
A helicopter descends towards a big ship on a sunny day

When mission was threatened by quarantine, these Coast Guard newbies stepped up

This summer, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to scuttle the Alaska patrol of a U.S. Coast Guard cutter when over 10% of the crew was put in quarantine. But some young crewmembers stepped up to save the mission.
A man in a black robe on a court bench raises his hand

How Alaska decides if a judge can stay on the bench

Nearly two dozen judges will be on the Nov. 3 state election ballot, but the process of retaining them is a big difference from the elections that take place elsewhere in the country.

Mother of all jökulhlaups reported in Southeast Alaska

Scientists believe a massive glacial dam release - or jökulhlaup - recently occurred in Southeast Alaska.
Two men ride on a snow machine

Census Bureau claims nearly all Alaska households have been counted

But some are doubting the accuracy of that claim.
A blue, green and yellow blop on the cartographic map of Southeast Alaska

Weekend storm brings wind, rain and even lightning to Southeast Alaska

The rare weather event brought winds of up to 68 miles per hour in Sitka.
A man with a broom stands outside his shed , whose entrance is torn apart with debris lying all around.

Juneau’s unsecured garbage and ‘bumper crop of yearling bears’ are a deadly combination

Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials say a bunch of young bears and a dwindling natural food supply are forcing the bruins to search human garbage for food before they hibernate for the winter.
A researcher looks through a microscope with a monitor showing what she's looking at

Mystery seed packets showing up in Alaskans’ mailboxes

The unsolicited seed packets have been showing up around the country, and officials are worried about people planting them.

A glacial dam near Juneau could burst any time

A jökulhlaup - or glacial dam release - could happen any time, but scientists are trying to understand how much flooding could happen.

Taku River turns cold, runs fast after glacial dam release in the Juneau Icefield

This glacial dam release, or jökulhlaup, was relatively small, but there could be more this summer.