Yvonne Jackson, Ms. Camai

Yvonne Jackson, age 22 from Kasigluk, AK is one of three Miss Camais’ Cultural Ambassadors for Alaska Native Youth in the YK Delta. Her mission is to build leadership and community involvement in Alaska Native Culture and Traditions among Alaska Native Youth.

Ms. Camai Taking On Rural Suicide

Suicide is a strong word. It can put a room to silence, or make the world roar. I’m one of who does both. I’m silent when it happens, but I’ll roar when I want to stop it. And right now, I’m roaring! As Ms. Camai, my goal is to stop the rising rate of suicide among Alaska Natives with a touch of inspiration. And this is my first step into a path of conquering the negativities that affect my people. Let’s stop it together. Read More.