Nathaniel Herz, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage

The ConocoPhillips building in downtown Anchorage.

For sale: A stake in an array of ConocoPhillips’ Alaska projects

On the block are old, new and unbuilt projects: the Kuparuk River Unit, which is Alaska’s second-largest oil-field; the newer Alpine unit to the west; and the undeveloped Willow prospect in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

A new oil boom on Alaska’s North Slope is encircling a village, and residents have raised a red flag

A major proposed North Slope oil project is running into local opposition from residents of the village of Nuiqsut, who are already partially surrounded by development and wary of more.

After two months hunting amid record warmth, Utqiagvik whalers finally landed a bowhead

Whalers in Alaska’s northernmost town of Utqiaġvik have finally landed their first bowhead of the season, after what some veterans said was an unprecedented absence of the marine mammals amid record-setting air and water temperatures.

Dunleavy administration wants to join court case in defense of Hilcorp’s search for Cook Inlet oil

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration is coming to the aid of an oil company’s plans to search for oil in Cook Inlet, in the face of a lawsuit filed by environmental organizations.

Opponents of citizens initiative to boost oil taxes have formed a bipartisan coalition

The group, OneAlaska, does not appear to include any oil industry leaders, though several of its members work for companies or organizations with ties to the industry.

Mark Begich, frustrated by rural Alaska’s exorbitant prices, is opening a grocery store in Utqiagvik

Begich said his company, Stuaqpak Inc., will offer lower prices and better products, and be more accountable to residents than the North West Company, the publicly traded Canadian corporation that ran the store previously. But Begich’s business is launching an untested model, and it will still face competition.

The Trump administration wanted an Arctic Refuge lease sale this year. Now it’s out of time.

Two procedural steps are still required before the sale can happen, and each comes with a 30-day waiting period, said Brook Brisson, an attorney for Trustees for Alaska, the Anchorage-based environmental law firm that works with organizations fighting to stop drilling.

Politicians, at business forum, forecast tensions ahead for the governor and the Legislature

At a forum Tuesday at the Alaska Chamber’s fall gathering in Girdwood, Alaska business leaders got a preview of the upcoming session from the House speaker, Senate president and Dunleavy's chief of staff – and the three speakers sounded eager to work together, though still not ready to put their differences aside.

Alaska’s top environmental watchdog on climate change: ‘it’s not an emergency’

Alaska Commissioner of Environmental Conservation Jason Brune stands in his downtown Anchorage office last week. He says the state is addressing climate change at the department level, but adds that global...

Whalers in Utqiaġvik can’t remember hunting this late without landing a bowhead

Some residents say this is unprecedented for the whale-dependent village that last fall captured nearly 20. Also unprecedented are this year’s temperatures: It was the warmest May through September on record in Utqiagvik.

Former PenAir owners say Unalaska crash raises questions about new operator’s standards

Danny Seybert, left, and Orin Seybert pose for a photo Tuesday outside Danny's home in Anchorage. Orin founded PenAir in the 1950s and Danny ran it until it was purchased out...

Trump to pick former Alaska oil industry attorney for federal judgeship

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he intends to pick Josh Kindred, a federal attorney in Anchorage and former oil industry attorney, as a new federal district court judge for Alaska.

As recall effort looms, can Gov. Dunleavy ease tensions with Alaska Native groups?

With a recall campaign in limbo, this week's convention could preview some of Dunleavy's next steps when it comes his tense relationship with a potent Alaska Native voting bloc.

Feds: Eagle River nurse prescribed 4 million opiates in 5 years, contributed to two overdose deaths

Federal authorities charged an Eagle River nurse practitioner and a Soldotna doctor Tuesday with illegally writing prescriptions for addictive opiate painkillers for patients who didn't need them — contributing, in the nurse practitioner's case, to the deaths of two patients, authorities said.

There’s a new fight over Bering Sea black cod. Warming water may be to blame.

Small-boat fishermen who catch black cod are sounding alarms about increasing numbers of black cod that are being caught accidentally, as bycatch, by larger Seattle-based trawlers that fish in the Bering Sea.

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy picks top deputy, former oil industry lobbyist to chair state oil watchdog

Alaska GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy has named a former oil lobbyist who currently works as his deputy chief of staff to chair the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the public agency that acts as a watchdog over the state's oil industry.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants lawmakers to approve additional PFDs this fall. Here’s why that’s unlikely.

At a news conference Friday, a special session sounded unlikely, as Dunleavy said he’s waiting to call one until the state Senate approves his nominee to fill a vacant seat.

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy picks Rep. Josh Revak in second bid to fill Senate seat

Rep. Josh Revak was selected after Senate Republicans, in a tie vote, failed to approve Anchorage GOP Rep. Laddie Shaw.

Ben Stevens once left the Alaska Senate in disgrace. Now he’s Gov. Dunleavy’s top deputy.

Stevens, Dunleavy's new chief of staff, once left his job in the state Senate amid a federal corruption investigation, though he was never charged. Now, he re-enters public service with links to some of the same industries that found favor from his father, the late U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens.

Photos: Aboard the Alaska state ferry before it leaves Prince William Sound for winter

The Alaska state ferry system will stop running ships in Prince William Sound for seven months this winter after lawmakers made sharp budget cuts earlier this year. Reporter Nat Herz traveled on...