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travelers at an airport wearing masks

CDC extends transportation mask mandate until May 3

The Biden administration will continue to require travelers to wear masks on planes and other forms of public transport.
Five people walking through a train station, four of them wearing masks

It’s safe to unmask in many places, says the CDC. These experts aren’t quite ready

Infectious disease specialists surveyed by NPR say they're not ditching their masks just yet.
A woman in listening

CDC says Americans can now go unmasked in many parts of the country

The federal health agency released new guidance for when Americans need to mask up indoors, saying about 70% of the population lives in a place where it's safe to go mask free.
A person in a black baseball hat stands in line with a blue mask

The CDC says a test to get out of COVID isolation is not needed, resisting pushback

Despite pressure from health experts who advocated for adding a testing requirement, the agency is standing by its original guidance that a negative test is not needed for people who are fever-free and whose symptoms have improved.
A woman stares with a mask on.

New CDC isolation guidelines raise concerns among health experts

Cutting the isolation for positive cases to five days could lead to more infections if people don't take masking seriously. A testing requirement, would have made the policy safer, experts say.
Children in a classroom with face masks put their hands in the air.

How to keep your child safe from the delta variant

Some public health experts are also parents of little kids, and have to strategize to keep those too young to be vaccinated safe from getting or spreading the delta variant. Here are their tips.