Quinton Chandler, KTOO - Juneau

Quinton Chandler is a reporter at KTOO in Juneau.
Snow covers Mount Juneau, Sunday, Oct. 16. (Photo by Tripp Crouse/KTOO)

Juneau under winter storm warning

Juneau is under a winter storm warning and forecasters are expecting one of the city's heaviest snowfalls in years. Listen Now

Are there head lice in Juneau schools? Yes, but …

Head lice are an ongoing problem for Juneau schools and one school nurse says this is a common time of year to find them.

Juneau Police shoot ‘uncooperative’ motorist after crash

The isolated neighborhood on the outskirts of Juneau woke to gunfire early Saturday morning when Juneau police shot a man they said didn’t comply with an officer’s instructions. The man is expected to survive.

What’s school like in Tenakee Springs without a school?

Tenakee Springs is a small Southeast Alaska town on Chichagof Island about 46 miles southwest of Juneau. In 2015, the state reported it had about 140 residents. It also has a small student body that fluctuates from year to year. Frances Ziel said some families were already choosing to home-school before the closure. After the school shut down, she said the district wanted to support them. Listen Now
A blue sign on a road that says "welcome to UAS

AWARE program expands to combat sexual assault at UAS

One out of every eight UAS students said they experienced some form of sexual misconduct or sexual assault between 2015 and 2016. That’s according to the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Listen Now

Juneau beats Fairbanks to first snowfall for first time in 70+ years

National Weather Service meteorologist Edward Liske said this season is the first-time Juneau has seen measurable snowfall before Fairbanks since about 1940. Listen Now

The numbers are in on Juneau’s economy

In 2015, Juneau gained more young people and seniors, cost of living fell slightly, unemployment remained steady and the housing market was still tight. Listen Now

Coast Guard: Boat runs aground after operator fell asleep

The Coast Guard reported a boat operator fell asleep Saturday morning and ran his vessel aground in Peril Strait.

New addition will help food bank store even more food than before

The Southeast Alaska Food Bank celebrated an increased capacity during an open house Saturday. The new addition allows the food bank to give away even more food than before. Listen Now

New curriculum standards are changing instruction in Juneau schools

Juneau School District is rethinking how hard it should make its classes. This is the fifth year of a six-year curriculum review in the district and students are being held to a higher standard.

2 hunters rescued, 1 mauled near Hoonah

A brown bear mauling prompted the Coast Guard to rescue two hunters from a mountain near Hoonah and bring them to Juneau Saturday afternoon. Only one of the hunters was injured. Listen Now

SHI program trains educators to see Thru the Cultural Lens

Juneau teachers and administrators were the students on Saturday at a Sealaska Heritage Institute seminar intended to help them see the world from their pupils’ perspectives.

University of Alaska reorganization planning advances toward second phase

The University of Alaska is in the middle of a year-long review of its academic programs and administration. It’s called Strategic Pathways and is an attempt to save money and make the university system more efficient.

Brewfest donations questioned

A Juneau organization that fights heroin abuse will take a quarter of the money raised during the city’s annual brew fest. Its participation raised the question: Is it appropriate for an anti-heroin group to take donations from a beer festival – especially considering Alaska’s high rates of alcoholism? LISTEN NOW

Accidental Shooting in Juneau

A 17-year-old Juneau boy was killed in an accidental shooting outside a home in the Mountain Wood Circle neighborhood Saturday morning. LISTEN NOW

Walker administration won’t challenge veto reversal

Governor Bill Walker won’t challenge a decision to reverse his veto of education spending. In late June, Walker vetoed $6.35 million previously allocated to a formula that funds schools based on their enrollment numbers.

Past crime rates give perspective on lower juvenile detention numbers

The state’s Division of Juvenile Justice said the number of kids being sent their way is almost half what it was 10 years ago. Listen now

State says Ketchikan transfers won’t overburden Johnson Youth Center

A handful of kids in Ketchikan could be transferred to Juneau’s Johnson Youth Center next month before a youth facility in Ketchikan closes. Rob Wood, director of the Division of Juvenile Justice said the incoming kids from Ketchikan shouldn’t overburden the Juneau facility.
A roll of "I voted" stickers with the blue alaska flag nexxt to secrecy folders

Westlake widens lead in District 40 primary

The unofficial results of a tight House primary race are in. Dean Westlake of Kotzebue appears to have won the Democratic nomination for House District 40 from incumbent Rep. Benjamin Nageak of Barrow.

School enrollment numbers in Juneau buck declining trend

This year, the Juneau School District is bucking a trend of declining enrollment. The district has counted more students than expected and higher enrollment could land it enough money to cover a $200,000 deficit.