Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau

Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau
Rashah McChesney is a photojournalist turned radio journalist who has been telling stories in Alaska since 2012. Before joining Alaska's Energy Desk , she worked at Kenai's Peninsula Clarion and the Juneau bureau of the Associated Press. She is a graduate of Iowa State University's Greenlee Journalism School and has worked in public television, newspapers and now radio, all in the quest to become the Swiss Army knife of storytellers.

In less than a year and a half, Alaska went from one of Moody's highest rated states, to one of its lowest. But now, that's changed. Listen now

While the state is forecasted to make more money this year than it did last year, it is still spending more than it makes. Listen now

The $27 billion Russian project is heavily funded by partners in China. When completed, it will be almost as large as the Alaska LNG project. Listen now

Heading into a busy year for the state corporation, questions linger about financing and project structure. Listen now

State gas corporation head says Alaskans will see significant progress on the pipeline project in 2018. Listen now

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation hasn't released details on the gasline agreement inked in China. Listen now

The deal links Alaska’s gas pipeline project to three Chinese entities with deep pockets. Listen now

State will explore marketing, financing and investment with China for the $45 billion mega-project.

Walker wouldn’t say if he planned to announce any deals with potential partners for Alaska’s $45 billion LNG project. Listen now

The emergency order comes after BP blamed an April oil and gas spill on a piece of a flawed well design and melting permafrost. Listen now

Production was up about 3 million barrels, and the state is predicting that it’s going to be up next year too. Listen now

State lawyers want the Supreme Court to reverse the lower court's decision to allow the Stand for Salmon ballot initiative to move forward. Listen now

The meeting was public -- sort of. It wasn't easily accessible. There was no way to call in. The legislative information office, or LIO, was closed for the state holiday. So the meeting wasn't streamed like others are during the legislative session.

Lawmakers peppered Dave Cruz and other members of the AGDC's executive board with questions about project finances, employee turnover and how much money the state expects to make on its share of the project. Listen now

Alaska’s Oil and Gas division is releasing valuable oil exploration data from leases on the North Slope and Cook Inlet. Listen now

For the last two months the state’s gasline corporation has asked potential customers and investors in the state-led project to formally show interest in the massive pipeline project, without being bound by a contract.

This week, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources rejected part of the company’s plan to expand its Pt. Thomson field.

Hurricane Harvey has caused nearly 100 oil and gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to temporarily shut down, but that drop in production doesn't necessarily translate to a higher demand for Alaska's oil. Listen now

The state's tax division aims to have its interpretation of the newest oil and gas tax credit bill out by January. Listen now