Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau

Rashah McChesney is a photojournalist turned radio journalist who has been telling stories in Alaska since 2012. Before joining Alaska's Energy Desk , she worked at Kenai's Peninsula Clarion and the Juneau bureau of the Associated Press. She is a graduate of Iowa State University's Greenlee Journalism School and has worked in public television, newspapers and now radio, all in the quest to become the Swiss Army knife of storytellers.

No environmental impact from 22,000-gallon heating oil spill in Savoonga

The spill reportedly happened inside of a lined container, surrounded by a chain-link fence and barbed wire. A state inspector is on the way to the community.

Lawmakers might have more control over the Permanent Fund than they think

One senator’s lawsuit over PFDs changed the way the Permanent Fund managers can use investment earnings. Listen now

State gets timeline for federal environmental review of Alaska LNG project

The state-led LNG export project still needs customers and financing to build $45 billion mega-project. Listen now

Walker seeks to deepen trade ties with China

In a press conference in Anchorage on Monday, March 5, Governor Walker detailed trade trip and other opportunities for partnership with China. Listen now

Q&A: Federal regulators push for more information on Alaska’s gasline project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has given the state 20 days to respond to its information request. Listen now

To get good credit, Alaska’s fishing towns may have to factor in climate change

While the state’s credit rating may be safe as climate changes, fishing communities in Alaska face uncertain economic futures. Listen now

It’s hurry up and wait for state gasline corporation’s federal permitting schedule

Alaska’s gasline corporation has filed tens of thousands of pages of documents for their federal permit. Now it's waiting for the commission to make a decision on if, and when, the state can get to work on its massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project. Listen now

Higher oil prices help, but don’t solve the state’s budget problem

Lawmakers could spend one more year relying on savings, or tap into the Permanent Fund to cover multi-billion budget deficit. Listen now

Five rules for investment from Alaska’s Permanent Fund Corporation

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Corporation invests billions in private companies and risky startups around the world each year. It’s a relatively new and, so far, successful strategy, but how do they pick the next big winner? Listen now

$63B and counting: How long can Alaska’s Permanent Fund keep growing so fast?

Right after the last big global financial crisis in 2008, Alaska’s sovereign wealth fund had about $25 billion dollars in it.  And today, Alaska’s Permanent Fund has $63 billion in it. It doubled in size in less than a decade. Listen now

Is Alaska’s climate risk, a credit risk?

State investment officer says the areas most affected by climate change don't affect the state's ability to pay its bills. Listen now

Walker appoints former Attorney General to Permanent Fund Corporation’s board

Gov. Bill Walker appointed Craig Richards to the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation board on Dec. 28. Listen now

Unique payment plan for companies who owe TAPS settlement money

A new state law allows those companies to pay that debt with tax credits, meaning the state might not see any of that money. At least, not in cash. Listen now

State approves ExxonMobil’s expansion plan for Point Thomson, ending months-long fight

Gov. Walker approves approves ExxonMobil's plan to explore expansion of the massive Point Thomson gas field. Listen now

State’s latest water quality report has bad news for popular Kenai River

Each time the state puts out its water quality report, there’s good news and there’s bad news. Listen now

Walker wants to borrow money to pay $900 million in oil tax credits

The tax credits are scheduled to be paid off fully in 2025. Walker and the Department of Revenue are proposing paying them off by 2019 at a discount. Listen now

Permanent Fund Corporation to study ethical and sustainable investing

An Alaska-based coalition wants the Permanent Fund Corporation to drop all of its fossil fuel holdings. Listen now

Credit rating agency sees a ‘clear path,’ as Alaska tries to balance its budget

In less than a year and a half, Alaska went from one of Moody's highest rated states, to one of its lowest. But now, that's changed. Listen now

State’s revenue department predicts slow uptick in oil prices

While the state is forecasted to make more money this year than it did last year, it is still spending more than it makes. Listen now

In Russia, a competitor for Alaska’s gasline project comes online

The $27 billion Russian project is heavily funded by partners in China. When completed, it will be almost as large as the Alaska LNG project. Listen now